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Reviews and Complaints

Woodsprings Suitesoverall hotel and staff

We have reserved a room with this motel for a total of 8 days. We have only been here for a total of only 4 days. Out of all 4 days so far we have smelled marijuana everywhere and I have small kids with me. According to the guest rules this will not be tolerated but nothing is being done about it even when reported. On 7/10/19 we had people knock on are doors that appeared to be the owners or something big up in the company. At that time they asked us if we have been smoking in the room and smelled are room and said nevermind. At that time I addressed the marijuana issue to them and they also stated that if continues to be a issue call 500 and they will take care of this issue is what they stated because that will not be tolerated. Well when you call the number no one wants to answer the number and or no one wants to address it. As well as staff not wanting to assist if ask a question and or ask for assistance. My daughter asked the night shift lady on the same date if she could let her in the restroom downstairs and she stated yes she would. Well 6 minutes went by and we asked again and at that time she stated she didnt have any keys to open the guest restroom. But failed to tell us that upon asking the first time she stated she would open it. But even if she didnt have keys she made us stand there and couldnt even tell us that until we had to ask again. It seems that some of this staff is not wanting to assist guest. But when the higher ups were in today on 7/10/19 things were differant in the way things were being felt with. This needs to be known how the staff treats guest and how this motel allowes all the marijuana to be smoked all through out the building. I will make this known of this experiance and how the staff treats people and acts as if we dont exist and how the guest seems to not be a priority. I will also be making a complaint to the better buisness bureau as well as the local authorities to as all the drugs and stuff being done.