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Reviews and Complaints

Family Dollarstore manager

She harassed me in front of 10 year old daughter. I was talking polity she might had a bad day but she should talk to customers rudlly and telling them to leave and get out otherwise you'll what gona happened to you today. My daughter get scared and stand outside the door crying. She asked my card and I said I have it then I asked her if I can get cash back because I paid by debate card and usually store does. And she said you're telling what to do I can't return your things take it and leave my store I asked I nerd to talk with manager she said i'm the manager what you gonna do. Her name was annie according to her. They were not giving me cooperate office number. I did police complain about her. I was shaking and crying hie could somone will be be that rude, people standing behind me were watching all that. And saying she shouldn't talk like that. I went through a troma whole day. My police complaint # [protected]. Officer was saying sorry to me that she shouldn't talk me or anyone. I hope you will take care of it. Store number is 03364. Its always filty messy never find anything at place, products are on the floor. Dirty