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Quest Diagnostics - customer service

My appointment was at 10:00 AM on October 20 in the Woodbourne Rd location in Levittown, Pa, and I was 5 minutes late because the address did not include the building number, so it took me a while to find the correct building. I was taken back to the draw room at 10:20, and I had orders from 3 different doctors for routine blood work. The woman in charge yelled at me because she did not want to do 3 orders at once because the paperwork would take too long. I offered to come back at another time, and she said "no." I told her my doctors tell me to come when I have them all at once so that I only have to get stuck once and that I've always done it, just not at the Woodbourne location. She immediately had an attitude and said that she's been there 30 years and their policy is to come in for one doctor at a time. She sat at the computer and did my paperwork for 25 minutes while I quietly waited. During this time, I was trying very hard not to cry, as I was extremely anxious about getting blood drawn and then to be treated so rudely; I felt sick. When she finally drew my blood, she told me she would have to take a lot, so I told her the last time I had a lot taken, I almost passed out. She came right over and stuck me and started filling up the tubes. In the middle of this, she was yelling into the waiting room to the patients waiting and to her one other employee who was in the other room. She paid no mind to me sitting there, uncomfortable and anxious. She didn't even have the needle out all the way before she put a urine sample cup in my face and told me to get up right away and go to the bathroom. No concern if I was dizzy or feeling faint. She just wanted me out of her room. I will NEVER go back to this Quest location EVER again nor will I ever visit Quest. I have never been treated with such rudeness, disrespect and inattentiveness. This woman needs to change her attitude. I didn't get her name, but she was the one in charge, as she was constantly barking orders at the other woman working there. I felt bad for her. I would hate for other people/patients to be treated the way that I was. Also, I now have a sore arm that is turning more black and blue by the hour. If she worked there for "30 years, " you'd think she'd know what she was doing.

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