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Jack Williams Tire & Auto Service - Alignment

Had alignment done at a local Jack Williams Store (#1386)on 1/30/23. They first started off to tell me that my windshield wiper fluid was low, and I said that was fine, I am here for an alignment, and that has no bearing on that. They noted on invoice that in/out RF tie rod "has slight play", but still did service. At that time, had new snow tires on, and they went out of service May 10th. May 12th, I bought new tires, and by 6/6/23 they are feathered. I drive aprox 6 miles a day total. They shouldn't be this worn so soon. I went to my local mechanic, and he explained the toes on both sides of car were completely out of spec, and this is why tires are worn they way they are. I went straight to JW (6/6/23) to talk about the improper alignment performed, and they game me every excuse under the sun. They claim its because failure to get tie rod on R/F side. I explained there is nothing wrong with the tie rod, and told them to even put it on a lift and check it. They told me there was nothing they can do. Upon going back to my car, my keys were locked inside of the car due to technician being careless. Manager came out and said they can do this, refund me for my services and provide a uber to and from JW to my home to get spare key. I refused due to not within satisfying to me as a customer. Called customer service, they created a ticket, and said a regional manager would call me back within the hour, named Shawne. Needless to say "Shawne" never called me back. I googled JW directory, and found a Shawne Wells "Manager" there. Called the number, and a guy named Mike answered. I asked puzzled, "what did I call" and Mike explained, it was another JW location. He apologized when I explained my situation. He took my info and said he would then give this info to his "Regional Manager" He called me back, and he explained he didn't know who this Shawne person was, and he was trying to be sympathetic and try to help me. This "Mike" was actually another manager, whom actually did know this Shawne person, and basically tried to put all the blame on me. His offer was to sell me a set of tires at his wholesale (which was probably over his costs) and cost of installation. I laughed at him, and called him out on all his lies, and trying to defraud me of more services. I said I'll wait for the other guy to call me back and rejected his offer. He replied, what other guy? I said the regional manager Shawne, and he replied, oh, I talked to him already, he is in Florida, taking a training course, and he asked of Mike to handle my situation. I replied, oh more lies, at beginning of conversation, you didn't know him, but yet now you know him. So in short, the services provided were not correct, thus causing damage to 2 sets of tires (4 tires in all), and trying to get me to buy their tires, instead of fixing their mistakes, and further damage to my vehicle.

Desired outcome: I would like a refund on the alignment, and 2 tires that I can drive safely on with my kids in vehicle.

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