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Reviews and Complaints

CVS verified


There is a major issue going in with the pharmacy at this location that has been going on for months. It is taking multiple days and even weeks in some cases to fill prescriptions that people need much more quickly. I had a prescription called in on a Friday morning, called to check on it and it was still "processing" on Monday afternoon. I went in to the store and the employee told me she would move it to the top of the list and it would be done later that day which it was but had I not gone in it would have been days longer. I also heard the man in front of me in line say his prescriptions were called in on a Wednesday and it was Monday and they still were not filled for his wife who was out of medication. I'm also a part of a community Facebook page that has a post specifically about this cvs pharmacy that has over 50 comments with similar complaints. Time to look into what the issue is here. We are talking about people's lives and they need their prescriptions in a timely manner. If it's a staffing issue then hire more staff.

CVS verified

Employees and service

My prescriptions are never ready on time. There aren't enough employees. No one answers the phone. EVER. Unfortunately my mom's prescription plan is only CVS. She gets 12 prescriptions a month. Next year we are changing prescription plans. Your pharmacy is awful!!! I get an email to call the manager but no one answers the phone. Why are my prescriptions never ready when I get a text that says they are ready?????!!!