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Reviews and Complaints

Shorted out free wings.

Three of us were dining at B-Dub's in Springfield as we do most Thursdays. We ordered 2 separate orders. 1 was for Boneless wings Snack size. The 2nd order was for Boneless wings Small size. 1 person was having the Snack size, and 2 of us were sharing the Small size. The orders were brought out on the small trays and I asked about the rest of the order. Our waitress assured me they were correct, at which time I asked how many were in an order, then she realized we only got 1 order and not the free one. Looking at the Snack size, it was on the same size of tray with 4 containers of dips. We only ordered 1 dip. So, I called the waitress over at which time she questioned the size. I assured her that the whole order couldn't be on a small tray with 4 containers of dips, she proceeded to get the rest of that order too. Our order number was #70033 and we paid our bill at 3:39PM.
I take my grandkids there on Thursdays, and usually have 3 grandkids, but this time I only had 2.
Thank you,
Diana Fuller
email [protected]