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Reviews and Complaints


First of all I am 86 years have been going to the store over 10 years, buy at least 4-7 times a month.
My daughter sends me a western union money gram once of month, and for over a year I cash it whenever I go to the store to shop. A new girl was working and not sure on how to cash it, she called for the manager, waited, waited, finally she had to go get her. She looked at my western union money gram and told me she wont cash it because it wasnt purchased from a kroger store. I told her that they have been cashing it for over a year and that wasnt fair. She told me 'that I am the new manager here" and they was wrong in cashing it. I did get angry because of the way she was acting, and told her she just lost a customer, she told me to lower my voice or leave the store. I told her I was leaving. That I cant belive that kroger made a snob like her as a manager. I and my family will not return to ths store, we will go to the huntington store. Thank you for your time. Jim white