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Woodsprings Suitesunauthorized credit card charges by manager nancy

I've been here for 3 years and never had any problems but since Nancy became manager she making it her mission to get me to leave . I'm in a motor wheel chair and I'm on a vent and oxygen . On 7/4/2019 I was in office waiting on my son to get me for fireworks talked with Amy and we talked nice left went to fireworks came back and tried to order food and found out there was a $170.00 missing off my card and I couldn't believe it so I call my card and found out that this motel took it off without saying anything to me . So I had my son check and they had took $40.00 off his without telling me either cause he helps me with my rent at the end of the month . But I owed that and was going to pay it with my card but she took it off his without asking and he was upset but I payed him back and solved that . The whole time I talked to Amy no mention of this at all . (So I paid my 350.00 rent not knowing they had took the other off my card ) and ask Nancy the next morning and she said Amy did it and she will see y and I said don't matter y no one was given permission to do so . Then she said I can only put 100 back on card if it will let me . Then when I called back down to office she said it wouldn't then I started saying I will dispute that on my card and report it as theft she said since I paid rent that morning maybe she could put 100 back on card and that all she could do for me and I said what about the 70 and she said she didn't know about it but she talk to Amy the next day and see . Well I knew Amy work on saterday but Nancy did not and that's what happen so I went down and talked to Amy myself and she said Nancy told her to do that . And for no reason as far as she could tell we owed nothing so Amy put the $70.00 back on the card that Nancy swore she could not do and checked to make sure the $100.00 had been replaced on my other card that Nancy said she did and it was . Amy even gave me a free day rent for all the stress which I'm thankful for . But Nancy seems to be trying her best to upset my husband so he will react in a way that she can have me kicked out . I would like her to be dealt with by her boss . Cause we been here 3 years and I would like to be here till I move on my own without being stressed out by Nancy and thank you for listening cause I'm really stressing out she even complains about my granddaughter walking across my floor to where when she's here and that phone rings you can tell that she scared to death that she walked to hard and her grandma going to get kicked out 😥😥. She's only 5 .