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Resolved medication available

I have been using Walgreens Pharmacy at 1860 Veterans Memorial Highway, Islandia NY for the past eight months. Over the last three or four months, when I bring in the prescriptions to be filled, the medication is not available. I find myself going to two different pharmacies to get the medication meeded. The medication I am referreing to is Mylan Fentanyl Transdermal System 50 mcg/hr, morphine sulfate cr 15 mg and 30mg. I have spoken to the people at the store, however, I am not seeing any results.

I switched from CVS to Walgreens because they assured me I would not have this problem, (I had the same problem at CVS) but apparently that was untrue - if possible please try to correct this situation.

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    RestlessHeart Feb 16, 2010

    Ive had a very similar incident with the local Walgreens. They continually do not have the Mylan brand...only Watson gel patches. I find the Watson do not work half as good as Mylan...the adhesive is worthless on Watson. I asked every month if they would/could please order the Mylan...each month I was told they would...and each month I was given the Watson. I reacted to the adhesive in the Watson...and found that it did not dissipate the medicine the way it should.
    I eventually switched pharmacies and have had no trouble getting the Mylan brand since. There is NO reason Walgreens cant order the correct brand...especially with a heads up

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