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Reviews and Complaints

Mavis Discount TireBrakes not completed properly

In mid-October 2019 we took our Ram 1500 to the local (Clemmons, NC) Mavis store to get brakes done. They told us that pads were the only thing that needed to be completed, approximate amount $200. My husband spend a few hours waiting for the vehicle to get done, which given a Saturday is understandable.

In February (4 months later), there was a rattle sound coming from the front end of the vehicle when driving on bumpier road surfaces. Took to another auto shop to see what was the problem; after a few hours they were able to determine that the calipers were missing bolts as a result of a faulty brake job on the front passenger side of the vehicle. Costing an additional $80.

Called customer service and started explaining the situation; when they asked if I took to the local shop and I stated I did not, they acted like the call was dropping and hung up on me. That afternoon I went to the local Mavis store only to be told they will take the information even though it wasn't possible for this type of error to occur and would follow up with corporate. The manager's condecending manner did not leave much confidence that anything would be done about the issue we encountered. After research, an error of this magnitude could have caused serious injury or death should the brakes have failed at anytime we didn't know this issue existed. With a newly permitted teenager learning to drive on this vehicle; could have caused mental distress if they'd been driving if a brake failure occurred.

Mavis Discount Tire Companygentleman by the name of dennis - from ny - office personnel

To Whom It May Concern,

My name is Sherry Thrush; I live in Clemmons, NC, and I have previously done business with Meyers Tire at the above-listed address until your company recently purchased that business location.

On Tuesday, July 23, 2019, I drove my Lexus SC400 to your store at the above mentioned address. The time of arrival was 7 AM. I knew that I had a problem with the power steering pump because 6 weeks earlier, John Meyer, (the former owner) had taken the vehicle for a drive and determined that I didn't need an immediate replacement pump at that time; however he installed some graphite into the power steering pump to get the vehicle to quit "humming". He stated that it would be a "temporary fix", which it was indeed. When your mechanics checked the problem, they stated that the entire power steering system required replacement. The graphite had traveled throughout the hoses, pump and other areas, creating quite a dilemma.

My vehicle continues to take up a bay at your garage due to the inavailability of parts and UPS delivery problems. I accept that situation because the office personnel and mechanics have done all that they can to aid me. Hopefully, my vehicle will be finished sometime tomorrow.

Nevertheless, it's important to stress this next piece of information because it's my source of complaint.

The service people at the store have been GREAT, with the exception of one man who made quite a spectacle of himself SEVERAL TIMES throughout the day as I waited for my vehicle to be finished. It's my understanding that his name is Dennis. He is a man from New York who I personally categorize as being EXTREMELY RUDE, BRASH, and UNPROFESSIONAL.

Earlier in the afternoon, he told me that I wouldn't have to wait for my car if I could learn to take better care of it. That didn't bode well with me because I take my vehicles to the garage every 3, 000-5, 000 miles for tire rotations, oil changes and any maintenance that is required. I have 3-ring binders of receipts for each vehicle throughout the years that depict everything that has ever been done.

Later, a show room full of customers were stunned to hear him bellow to the office personnel that he was "pulling rank" and "demanding" that HIS customers be placed before anybody else could receive service. We were all dumbfounded. It took every ounce of self -constraint to keep from tearing into him verbally.

Ten minutes later, a gentleman who looked to be in his early 60's came through the door and asked Dennis how long it might take to have some work done on his vehicle. He was very polite and was merely asking a question. However, Dennis decided to let his testosterone govern his bullish behavior again, and literally shouted at the gentleman that he didn't know how long it would take and that it was ridiculous to ask such a question. Then Dennis said that if the man got to the store early and there wasn't a line, he could get in and out quickly; otherwise, he'd have to wait.

You could tell that the customer was highly insulted because he turned and walked back through the door.

Another of your office men stated that he was appalled by what he heard, and he commented that the man had been a customer for over 5 years.

Although this isn't a point of contention, I must say that if I had EVER acted so unprofessionally in any of the jobs that I've worked throughout the years, I would have been fired questions asked.

In my opinion, for whatever it is or is not worth, Dennis needs to learn some finesse, manners and work ethics. He's lacking all of the above and is bound to lose many future customers for your company if he is not reprimanded immediately.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.


Sherry Thrush

P.S. - Your cameras can attest to my words if you play them back between 3:30 PM and 5:45 PM today.