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PetSmart - cashier 508885 their two associates

I came into your store today to purchase dog food and dog treats. When I walked in the two cashiers gossiping in the front about an expensive food purchase a customer had made barely looked up. At no point during my brief visit did anybody offer any help finding anything or even at the register ask if I found everything okay today. I did I'm fact find everything and some extra dog toys to boot but with difficulty as I couldn't locate my dogs preferred food.

Once at the register he older white haired lady with no name tag asked for my number which I gave. Then she proceeded to ask 3 more time for it. After the first I assumed perhaps she had hearing difficulty so I spoke louder, slower, and more clearly to try and aid her possibly difficulties. After those attempts and it failed each time, she asked if I wanted to enter. At no point was I told what I was entering it for or why. So I simply replied no and proceeded with the transaction. Unbeknownst to me that number was so that I could get the discount for the items I was purchasing. (4 treats as it was a buy 3 get 1 free deal, 1 bag of dog food which happen to be on sale, and two toys that were not on sale) The items did not display on the card reader as they were rung in so I had no way of knowing this discount was not applied until after I paid. And upon getting the receipt and finding this info the cashier proceeded to tell me I had to get 4 of the same treat for it to apply. At this point another cashier, a slender gentleman with brown hair and facial hair, stepped in to correct that no in fact 4 of any of the marked treats should work. He then also asked if I entered my number. Since he was right next to us the entire time with no other customers around, possibly even in the store at all, he had to have heard that I did not enter my number. At which point he told me that without a number and registering there would be no discount. Again at no point was I EVER told what I was registering for... only that I was basically extorted for my information in order to the marketed sale price. During this process and third cashier, a younger lady with a red complection and short brown hair, came up to help the two of them because they were having trouble even entering my information. Around that time I inquired if the sales tag even stated I had to have this registration and the gentleman replied "Pet Treats? I don't know. I think so." And it wasn't until I check my receipt that I was even aware you program was called Petsmart Treats. And then after the registration was finished and thing were rung back up I look at the new receipt had returned the food and 3 out of 4 dog treats then rung up the food but only 2 of the 3 dog treats. Now the math works out the same. I got the discount owed so far as my math can tell. Howe be r it does show that I was possible to ring in the items a different way to get the same discount. Also they returned my money in cash, when two weeks previous this exact same petsmart made me go home to get my debit card to make a return to that card for an inflatable dog cone.

So in 2 weeks time this petsmart has wasted over an hour of my time. Lied to me twice. And required me to take all necessary steps to correct their mistakes because they couldn't be bothered to do their jobs in even a half assed manner. Add that to the almost rude demeanor that the older lady showed as a customer service position and I have to conclude there is a strong chance this petsmart is the worst one I have visited in the country.

I will most likely be going to your competitors from now on but felt you deserved to know why.

I wish whomever is reading this and hopefully the management it is forwarded onto a wonderful day and the best of luck. But you have lost this customer for the foreseeable future.

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