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Circle Kice

I was told that I needed to pay .99+tax for ice in my own container. Where in America is that right? Then to have (jae) an employee of Circle k to butt into the conversation that I was having with (lata) the cashier with her comments is unprofessional. You will charge me for ice but all of the landscaper that comes in and use the microwave and bathroom that purchase nothing is free. I don't understand how that is ok. It is hot outside for me as well as for them. It is totally unfair to me and then to get an attitude from another employee. I purchased gas and food is my money not good enough for your store?


  • SubSquirrel Jul 31, 2019

    Ice is water that the store pays for. Ice is frozen water that the store pays to freeze, using electricity. Filling your container takes an employee to do it and they pay that employee.

    A dollar is not much but if you can’t afford it, then drink warm drinks.

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    Good Days Jul 31, 2019

    @SubSquirrel Moron

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    Good Days Jul 31, 2019

    @Good Days Water, wow

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