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Reviews and Complaints

Fordservice department

I brought my car in 2 weeks ago due to the windows not working. For $220 they fixed all the windows and last moday 7/23 the back passenger side stopped working. My husband brought it in again today 7/26 and they told him it was due to a connector that wasn't there on the back window. He asked was the car in a wreck at all? My husband replied last novemeber. He said oh well that must be why, they forgot to put the connector back on. Mean while the window had been working every day since the car was repaired back in Nov, and it was also working after they fixed it two weeks ago. I told him, that is not correct, they window had been working, and now your telling me it just stops. He said well, the connector could of fell off and its in the door somewhere. If you bring it back in, we can look for it, but i will have to charge you labor fees for doing so, and if we can't use the old connector it will be $250 for a new one. Highway robbery i said, I hung up and called Tilley brothers who fixed it back in Nov and he said bring it on it and we will fix it for free. I take care of my customers. Maybe someone should send that same message to FORD.