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15:01:14pm 02-13-20


To whom it may concern :
#1. I was treated beyond badly by a check out lady today. I was searching my wallet for the exact change after putting a five dollar bill on the counter. The young lady sharply said, do you wanna put that in my hand ? I was a bit shocked but responded by asking her nervously if there was something wrong with her hand. She snatched up the money and after ringing me up, asked if I wanted her to put it on the counter, meaning the change. I took the change from her and being 70, I said to her she was being very rude. She seemed to take pride in her actions.

#2. The young lady made us all wait so long for her to come to the register it was far too inappropriate amt. of time. I'd estimate 7 to 10 minutes. One lady in line had just come from a chemo treatment, was weak and thought she'd run in for some lemon juice but she was sadly mistaken as we waited so long I asked her if I could pay for her few items and bring it to her to her, in her car. She just waited but myself and another lady in line in front, saw that she checked out before us. I happen to have this lady's business card. We had time to have a long chit chat.
I have never, in the decades I've shopped at Family Dollar, been treated this way or waited so long for a person to check out. This lady's name was Aleiha (sp)?
I told her I'd report her so that's exactly what I am doing. I don't know if I'll return to that store. It's a shame and rather shocking. Very disappointed.
Thank you,
Mrs Frances Hart
109 A Midway Dr
Clinton, MS 38056