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CB Department Stores Marshalls 1505 Central Park Commons Dr, Eagan, MN, 55121, US
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1505 Central Park Commons Dr, Eagan, MN, 55121, US
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Marshalls - Sexual harassment from co worker

your employee Joseph Edea has physically touched co worker innapropriatly he was stocking, co worker walks by him he intentionally put his hand down as co worker was kneeling to puck up hangers. Joseph Edea grabed coworkers buttocks on purpose sexually harassing her. co worker was shocked by josephs disturbing behavior she told manager, hoping they will confront Joseph about this action. nothing has been done yet. Joseph a military man who always wears camo pants showing off to everyone how special the military is to him and how he enjoys fondling kids, touching and pretending to not be a creep when he totally is. Joseph Edea has attitude his mean demeanor and intimidaring evil looks he gives us coworkers scares the girls here as Joe is usually belittling bullying others with his mean evil intimidating looks. He stares without blinking for long time making you feel super uncomfortable here. Joe Edea is scaring co workers mostly the girls as he likes to touch and stare innapropriatly at us all. This is marshalls store in Eagan,MN 55123. Termination request for Joe Edea for sexually harassing physically touching female workers on purpose multiple times.

He has habit of being sensitive and giving one worded answers refusing to act like an adult and use his words. One worded answers are annoying and makes Joe look guilty of sexual harassment. unacceptable behavior by Joe Edea!

Desired outcome: Terminate Joe Edea for physically touching female workers on purpose

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Update by mabbott2024
Apr 05, 2024 8:18 pm EDT

eagan,MN 55121! Marshalls store!

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