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Meijermeijer brand flavored water "fruitsations"

I am a loyal Meijer customer. I always shopped at the Pine Rd. Meijer store here in Bay City, but I recently moved to the other side of town from there. Now the Wilder Rd. store is way closer and more convenient for me to use.
My complaint is that the Wilder store does not carry a product that I buy a lot of. The Meijer brand flavored water named: fruitSations
I am asking for them to please start stocking their shelves with this product. Especially since it is a Meijer product. I do not understand why they would not stock their own product at all their stores.

Meijerassociate gave my mom attitude and yelled at her

We were coming to meijer and driving in the parking lot. The associate named David N. Was pushing carts and my Mom was driving past him and he stopped to yell at her. My Mom wasn't even close to hitting him and he stopped what he was doing to tyell at us. Then when we were coming into the store he gave us dirty looks and began to scold my Mom with a condescending tone and gave her nasty look and rolled his eyes. He took his time out of his shift to yell at my Mom when she did nothing wrong and I am a second witness to this event. This was very awful customer service and that fact that meijer let's its work act this way is disquesting. He disrespected her and on his shift chose to pick a fight with a customer and was nothing but a pompous brat. The fact that you let an individual like that work there who belittles customers shows you have zero respect for your customers. If nothing happens because of this situation it proves that meijer is nothing but a corporation looking for a quick buck.

  • SubSquirrel Jul 31, 2019

    She probably was closer to him than he’d like.

    “meijer let's its work act this way is disquesting.”

    How about “Meijer lets its work force act this way and it is disgusting.”

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  • Do
    Dominic Bialek Sep 08, 2019

    @SubSquirrel Gotta admit when my grammar has been caught lol.

    She was not that close. He was just a disrespectful kid who maybe was having a bad day. He still gives us nasty looks in the store and does it deliberately. I work where we have a busy parking lot and that situation happens me all the time and I have never once stopped to deliberate start an argument with customer because I know they’re gonna stop or not hit me. It’s just knowing respect and don’t be brat. However, I don’t got much room to talk since I can’t complain correctly with my spelling and that has ruined my credibility lol.

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  • Do
    Dominic Bialek Sep 08, 2019

    @Dominic Bialek I’m missing a *to and an *a in there lol 😂

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  • SubSquirrel Sep 08, 2019

    @Dominic Bialek I’ll forgive you this time provided that you take the SubSquirrel Grammar Course. Just wire $119.98 plus a $1, 000 handling fee and we’ll put this behind us.

    Limited time offer may be removed at any time.


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  • SubSquirrel Sep 08, 2019

    People today will shoot or stab you or run you down if you say “hi” in a tone they didn’t like. Better to keep your mouth shut and just go on with life.

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