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Reviews and Complaints

wells fargo bank;overdraft charges

In late October, 2008 my checking account was overdrawn on 3 items, and the same 3 items continued to hit and accumulate overdraft charges at $35 a crack. There was another item that showed up that was an error and should not have been there at all...again, more OD charges hitting multiple times.The OD fees were so excessive that any money I did get I needed to live on and could not sacfifice to these fees. Finally almost 60 days later I got a nice check for about $1200 and cashed it and went to see my Wells Fargo Branch manager. Matt Kaillail is the biggest ### in the world. He never did return any of the calls I made and as I was forced to deal with a Personal Banker named Tamieka, she was the go betweeen. Even she was not professional enough to return calls except when I came into the branch on a daily basis trying to chase down a answer. I was told that Matt had the information was on vacation and would "Take care of it on Monday". so believeing this jerk, I deposited $800 to bring my account current thinking that Take care of it would mean reversing the almost $600 in OD charges that had accrued to date...these fees are pure profit and can be waived and it is no skin off anyones nose! Instead of calling me as Tamieka promised he would, I got a call from her telling me that he had looked into it and because there was no "Bank Error" he was not going to reverse the fees. Basically they stole from me $600 I badly needed to pay bills etc. I went through this last week', my 9 year old sons birthday and Thanksgiving weekend with virtually no money because of this lying no count thief at the Wells Fargo in McKinney! I intent to find out who his boss is and start chewing my way up the food chain until I get my $600 back and get this ### fired! This is not the way to tell your customers that they are important to you and you want to keep them. Matt told me this morning when I went to visit him in his office. "If you cannot manage your account it is not our fault". What a jerk! I will tell everyone I come in contact with to stay away from WF and especially that branch and that bald headed ### Matt Kaillail. I opened up an account with what little money I had left with Bank of America and told them all to F off!

  • Sl
    Sle Jan 12, 2009

    I too have been a serious victom of Wells Fargo overdraft and wrongful practices. upon moving to Tracy Calif. in April of 2008 I opened a checking account with WF Bank. It was to be a automtic deposit account once the proper papers had been filed with the State. I opened with $600 chck & $200 Savings to hold till the automatic deposits began. I stated I wanted a basic ATM card. During the intial set up the associate assisting me was interupted a couple of times and working with another issue also. But it did not trouble me as I had my Down Syndrome daughter to look after also. The first statement arrived and I was surrprised to find that I had already had an overdraft charge. Had to be a mistake and I was going to look into it. then the stream of notices that my atms were also overdrafting. I went over the two statements and it began with a $12.00 annual fee for what ever type of account they were listing me as. I went in and explained to them that I was not to be charged any fees until my account actually began collecting the automatic deposits. I showed them the $12.00 fee and the $75 charge for automatic transfer to my savings. which began the overdrafts. for the next 4 or 5 statements I received so many overdrafts all my savings were used and in June when the deposits acutally started, Wells Fargo was eating up 3/4 of my deposits within two days of my deposits. Some were $400 to $500. I went in again. I called, I wrote and have many of there corresponding letters. Stating they were completely in there rights to clear all checks before any atms. I argued and complained. I send copies of how the atms were used. I was told by the associate in the band that I should not be in the habbit of using my ATM on such frivolous things as buying hamburgers at McDonalds! I told them what I use my atm for is my business and that that is the whole point in asking for it when I opened the account. That I surely wouldn't have used it if I was paying $64.00 a burger. I began falling behing in all my bills because they were eating up all my income! My deposits were $840 and I was lucky to see $250 - $350 of it. I called and said "you can not tell me that on the 27th my deposit was good on the 29th I am -$450.00 and still accuring.. Still nothing was done to help me. the last direct conversation from the main branch. Was very rude and a direct " Well that is to bad! you owe the default amounts and we can deduct the withdrawls in which ever order we want to! It is perfectly with in California law how we practice business!" I stated "My atm is and was good at all times. I know that if I don't have enough money the machine will tell me insufficient funds! you are telling me that two weeks after my atms are cleared you take a check from whats suppose to come out of a new deposit and it makes all the smaller atms bad! you can't do this! My whole world is collapsing and you say it's too bad!"
    I am just so glad to see this lawsuit because I sent them letters stating I would sent my info to anyone who would listen. I've ruined any credit I was trying to establish! I am so far behind and even up to two months ago Wells Fargo finally closed my account threatening to take me to court and use whatever means to pay them.. I survive on caring for my daughter and her SSI and they didn't even care. I have all letters and statements. This is so wrong Im even having to lose my current place of residence because of being late with payments. WF actually double deducted my auto insurance payments because the stated they were sent back and then you would see them both on my statements. I called again. They sent papers that I would have to get notorized by a certain date or the amounts they put back in would be reducted. God I pray too get reimbursed and my life put back together as we are ruined!!! Sincerely, Stephanie

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  • Ju
    Julie50 Sep 27, 2009

    WellsFargo dod the same this to us. We are disabled and last November deposited over $43, 000 into our account. We have never been overdrawn before. Suddenly, last July we started accumulating overdraft fees to the tune of $490. Plus what they said we spent. Why, if there was no money in the account, would they allow a transaction to go through? Needless to say, the Oregon Overdraft call center began to call. I have on our caller ID, just from the past 3 days almost 20 calls. Six and seven times a day. They do not want to identify themselves ot let you talk to a supervisor. We went to our bank Fri. and I had already went through the online banking and fiund that there is a bank error and not only are we NOT overdrawn, we should have over $1200 in the account. So I call the call center to tell them to stop calling, that we just went to our bank and the bamnk manager is handling it. The woman, her name is Chandra, told me that I was done talking and asked when I made the deposit to cover the overdraft. Not matter how many times I told her that we were NOT overdrawn, she was too stupid to understand apparantly. Then when I told her for the hundredth time that we were NOT overdrawn, this woman had the audacity to start LAUGHING! At that time, my husband took the phone away from me and told her about herself. Now we have no money, overdraft charges, owing money to the bank and the whole time we actually have money in there, but until they fix it, we're broke. I was on the bank site for over 3 hours going through it line by line. As soon as this is cleared up, I'm taking our business elsewhere. Someone needs to crack down on these unprofessional, rude, snotty, ###s. They have harrassed us for WEEKS! Every day, day in and day out. No matter how many times you try to tell them that your bank is handling it, they just keep calling. Even at 10p, on Sundays (both of which are illegal). I'm in the process now of reporting them to both the Iowa and Oregon Attoney Generals. My Mom had major accounts with this bank and we've had HUGE amounts of money come in and out of our account. I'm tired of these ###s being rude even to my children! I agree with the comments above. these people are no different than predators. While their fat ### CEO's sit at their desks and their kids go to private school and skiing vacations in Europe, I don't even have enought money for a gallon of milk. All because of their bank error. My husband and I doubt very much that we'll ever see our money. Their mistake-we pay. Thanks for nothing WellsFargo!!

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  • An
    AniOR Nov 30, 2009

    Happened to me too ~ the first couple times I just dealt with it ~ then the last time I took the info down to the Branch, explained how the charges were incorrectly hitting my account which is causing the O/D's ...the Branch Manager said she didnt have the authority to change anything ~ even tho all I was asking is the extra O/D fee's to be removed and how I could prove with receipts ect and even the shops deposit records that WF was posting the charges incorrectly. When the branch wouldnt do anything about it ~ I scanned all the info and sent to the customer service contact given to me to contact. This is what I got back

    Overdraft and Return Check fees are posted to your account on the business day after the actual overdraft occurs.
    In reviewing your overdraft fees, I found that although you made your Check Card purchase at xxxx for $8.25 and $5.75 on 10/16/2009, xxxx did not present this transaction to Wells Fargo for payment until 10/19/2009.

    (more blah blah blah on how its not THEIR FAULT etc ... but note I never said it was or wasnt their fault I was asking that 2 of the 3 O/D charges be removed because I could prove with receipts that their was funds in the account at the time of the charge...but Nooooooo they'd rather lose a customer than lose their precious extra fee's and predatory income they sooooo rely on ...all Ive found are bad reports on Wells Fargo ~ so never again with me and Im telling everyone I know how they treated me...the letter continued)

    At your request, I have closed your Custom Management Checking account effective today.
    We realize that in today's environment, customer service often becomes the deciding factor when a customer chooses a financial institution. Wells Fargo is truly committed to coming through for its customers. ( Yah right~~!) Our goal is to continue to meet and exceed your service expectations. (If that was so a simple ~ removal of excess fee's wouldve been the answer!)
    We are sorry that we failed to meet your expectations but hope you will allow us the chance to serve you again in the future. (Again ~ Never again!!! EVER!)

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  • An
    AniOR Nov 30, 2009

    Also note above the small amounts charged that they waited to post til after a bigger amount was first posted... and then charged me and extra 105 dollars in O/D fees. All I asked for was 2 of the O/D fees to please be reversed so I could get back on track ~ customer care or personal relations my foot! TO ALL YOU OUT THERE BOYCOTT WELLS FARGO!

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  • H8
    H8tbankingmafia Mar 25, 2010

    wells Fargo uses software to purposefully cause overdraft by clearing large checks first then all the smaller ones to force and overdraft situation and rack up fees on the smaller withdrawals!
    It is purposeful! They make billions on this scam that is so far legal but unjust and criminal!
    DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH WELLS FARGO! the do not deserve your patranage

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  • Jo
    John Boehner Jul 01, 2011

    Wells fargo ethically and morally corrupt. They are Predatory banking at it's worst. Someone should hogtie the CEO.

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