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Dollar General About your employees — The way I was treated!!!!

Today I was in dollar General on 2727 Edenborn ave Store #10414 Metairie, La 70002 I was ready to check out the first check out was a lady and she said if you have a debt card or credit card come to her so a lady was in front of me so I had a mask on my face protection against the coronavirus she put her sign up to go to the next registrants at me like she was crazy the she walked away and started talking to the guy at the next register and I was in his line so when I was checking out they was talking which was ruled than she walked to the door still talking to him i was finished when I walked out the door i said stupid ass when I got out side the guy ran to the door and hollyed mama who you talking to i said her and got in my car she ran out up to my car and I rolled down my window she started saying my mom did raise know stupid person and me and her when back and frout until I started rolling my window up what was that this the way your employees get angry and come after people in the parking lot i will never go in dollar General again i fear for my life.

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    Kmart 9459 Mar 24, 2020

    Really if you don't speak English do not put your complaint on here in english. When you complain in a language that you don't understand no one understands you. Go ahead and put it in your own language so the people who read your language understands what you are saying.

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