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I have had serveral unpleasant experience at that location. After having been told several time I had to place my order inside, they were not taking orders at the order station. I questioned a reason why and was told" They have two people working and I'm not going to be running back and forth. I drove around to the pay window and explained sometimes that not possible if you have a disabled child in the car. Left and went on to McD's. Today my son ask to put up the two whopper special and I ordered a value fry for my daugther. I was able to place my order at the order station, I thought OK, we got it back together. Paid and got my bag, there wasn't thank you or anything, that's fine. Dropped the whoppers off to my son and hopped on the ferry headed home. Give my daugther the fries that were burned. She can't complain and I picked the worst out and she eat the rest. My son called to say both his whopper meats were burned. Asked did I complain before I placed his order. I told him no that had happened a few weeks ago. But I had to address the service there. I have read serveral really bad reviews on this Burger King, so I am not sure if mine will make a difference, but I had a need to let a higher up know. I live on the West bank and my Burger King in the 4300 block of Gen DeGaulle is always a pleasant experience, no matter how busy. I am not related to any body there, they are just nice any time I go. Maybe they can be a pattern of how to get and keep customers. My very first job was at Burger King in 1969, so I enjoy the flamed grilled burger and a customer for life just NOT that one ever again.

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      PhillyGrittyx Sep 12, 2019
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      Why would you allow your kids to eat that crap? Disgusting 😂

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