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Reviews and Complaints

Family Dollaremployee

I just walked into the family dollar I go to multiple times a week. Was rudely kicked out and accused of stealing febreeze. I most definitely didn't steal anything from that store and wasn't even there on said day. The employees name is Jesse and has red hair. I will not stop until she is fired for humiliating me in front of a line of people. This is 100% unacceptable and offensive. She was extremely rude and basically had no reasoning for this other than "the girl who did it looked like me" again I will not stop until she is fired.

  • Um is not an answer! Jan 18, 2020

    'her name is jesse with the red hair.'

    yeh that narrows it down!

    THANKS for telling us the story leading up to WHY you were kicked out! [of stealing febreeze!]

    yeh, we need a lot more than what you're telling us which leads ups to believe you're not being truthful.

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  • Um is not an answer! Jan 18, 2020

    change your appearance. white button down blouse, pearls, wool cardigan and skirt ought to do it.

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