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Reviews and Complaints

Taco Bella lot

I worked at the north topeka store recently and there's mold on certain things in the dish area, some people just decide not to clean the part of the line where it keeps the hot stuff hot, a different employee told the general manager about the mold and how gross the place is from not being cleaned and nothing has been done, they don't care how serious of a situation you're dealing with unless you're dying you're supposed to be at work. Most of the people at night were new and nobody was being trained really. Another employee had to scrub the bathrooms and work way to hard just to get it clean because it's not being done properly when it needs to be. That place is a mess.

  • Updated by Ash100999 · Sep 13, 2019

    Let’s not forget I was getting sick from the mold.

  • SubSquirrel Sep 13, 2019

    If there truly is mold and you’re not telling us which restaurant has the mold, you’re endangering all people who go there for the food.

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  • SubSquirrel Sep 13, 2019

    If they saw mold and the manager did nothing, they should have gone over their head and complained.

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  • SubSquirrel Sep 14, 2019

    @Um is not an answer! It’s easier to post it here and make them look bad.

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