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02/18- I called a few days prior for the CVS to transfer a prescription from the Walgreens where I am from to the CVS down here in Bloomington, Indiana. After it finally got transferred down to CVS, I went throught the drive thru to pick up the prescription. I had to pay 25 dollars for my birth control when I have been on the same pill for an entire year and have never paid before. I noticed that was odd and asked the technician about it and she was rude and told me she doesn't know why and that I have to pay anyways. So I paid and went on. I then began to experience extremely, dry and peeling skin on my face, which is not normal as I see a dermatologist. Today, March 4th, I began to have break through bleeding. I have never experienced this whilie taking the pill that I was supposed to have, Low ogestrel. I noticed that they had given me another pill, Lo Logestrin Fe. I tried calling CVS and I was onhold for ten minutes so i went in. They admitted that they gave me the wrong medicine and now I have to wait two more days to get the medicine that I am supposed to have. This error has caused me a period that I am not supposed to have right now and it ruined multiple things of clothing for me as I was not expecting a period. I am extremely unhappy that CVS was this careless in my medicine and I am upset that the lack of attention has caused other issues that resulted in damage of my personal items. My phone number is [protected] or my e-mail is [protected]

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    2jafdsfdsaf Mar 04, 2020

    It is a good thing that you are on birth control. No need for someone like you to reproduce. The fact that you mistake being told something that you do not want to do as rude shows how dull you are.

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