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Shellgasoline purchase

I attempted to purchse gas this morning, October 10, 2019, at the Shell Station with my Chase debit card. I tried it several times.
A notice on the pump ordered to me to go inside the store.
The woman cashier spoke broken English which I had trouble understanding.
She had shutoff the pump because she assumed I was attempting to steal gas.
"I' ll reset the pump for you, " she told me. I asked her why she shut off the pump. She didn't give me an understandable answer. However, she implied my debit card was no good.
I finally bought gas with my debit card.
Chase operates a branch next door to the Shell station. I went inside and swiped my card into the lobby ATM. My card worked.
If Shell doesn't want African Americans to buy gas at its stations, the company should put up signs that say "No Blacks Allowed."