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Kentucky Fried Chicken [KFC]everything


I have to say there service is HORRIBLE. I use to go there every other week. I usually spent about $50.00 every other week. The last 3 time I have been there have been a horrible exsperience and tonight was the final straw. I kept trying to give the the benefit of the doubt but damn...I went there weeks ago and ordered a 20 piece extra crispy chicken plus extra stuff for my husband and I lunch the next day and they told me they didnt have extra crispy. I said i would wait and they said they were not making anymore. they did have a couple extra left they would throw in. this was at about 5:15 at night as I was on my way home from work. I said whatever. Then I was told on another visit that I could not get mustard sauce because I had not order fingers or popcorn chicken. what??? I had just spent $50.00 bucks and I cant get any sauces? Then, tonight...the final straw. I ordered $46.00 worth of stuff and again told no sauces unless you pay .25 a piece for them and I said forget it. I got home to find my 2 bowls for our lunches tomorrow not in there at all and the extra crispy chicken was discusting to say the least. The skin fell of the chicken there was so much grease and it was soggy as heck. Then my family tried to eat it but the grease tasted like it hadnt been change in weeks. I would like a refund of my last 3 times going through there due to all this. I dont have the receipts except tonights but I can tell you this it was about 50.00 bucks every time.
Cheryl Carff
27525 N Timber Ridge Rd
Rathdrum, Idaho 83858

  • Um is not an answer! Jan 20, 2020

    Hun, this isn't a video game you are playing. Real life, food goes bad and is most likely wasted if not eaten. My suggestion, if you are going there in the evening, try late afternoon and see what happens.

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