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Reviews and Complaints

Burger KingManagement

I just wanted to follow up on an unpleasant experience I had a few months ago at this restaurant. On a Saturday about 10am, I ordered breakfast with a diet coke, on my way to an estate sale. I'd been to this BK over 100 times since we lived in Pembroke Pines, a few blocks away, so this was common. The drink had little ice in it and by the time I was on my way back, around lunchtime, the little bit of ice was melted. I went back into the store and poured out the warm soda and refilled it with alot of ice and more diet coke. A few seconds later, a large black gentleman confronted me and said I had to pour out the drink. I explained what had happened earlier, but who keeps their fast food receipts as proof? We had a long (not heated), but embarrassing discussion about customer service to the point another restaurant patron, who seemed to know this employee/manager, said "why are you giving this gentleman a hard time". After about 10 minutes of disagreement, I told him that this .05 worth of sugary water would cost him hundreds of dollars of my business in the future. He didn't care. I just wanted to let your corporate offices know I've driven past that BK hundreds of times hungry and I can assure you that I will never spend another nickel there out of principle. I'd rather drive several miles away if my family wants BK that bad, but usually select a different option now. I'm very obviously not homeless. This is a very affluent area that I live in, and surely I could've bought a new soda. This may even be a company policy that when a patron leaves the premises, you can not come back and refill a drink. Even months later I'm still disturbed by the short-sighted behavior and my embarrassing expereince to the point I'm wasting my time writing a letter about it.
Wayne Farenga
18187 sw 4 ct Pembroke Pines FL 33029