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unethical behavior and rip off

I was holidaying in Orlando Florida at Marriott suites at 8623 Vineland Ave and as we rented a car to travel to New York I went and filled up my car at Shell loacted at 8788 Vineland Ave Orlando and when pumping fule noticed price at 6.999 a gallon and beleived that this was an error as day before was around 2.35 to 2.54. Once completed filling and receipt printed it was stating 6.999 and value at $75. As a Tourist to USA I went in and complained of which was advised that owner decided that this was to be his price this morning and the staff said he makes the price what ever he wants. I think that this practice is not acceptable and does nopt promote the Shell name in a favourable light.

I have provided copy of receipt and evidence via a Credit card statement.

I would hope that you could resolve this issue for future travellers and also I beleive I should be entitled to compensation of which should be minimum difference of what the average prices were that day or aven full refund for unethical behavior which iff not resolved will be going into a report on this in Australia to warn other travellers of the behavior of some Shell stations. This was not the only occurrence as we were also caught out with other station advertising a price but when paying by credit advised that this was cash only price and inflated price by upto 20 cents higher.
This is also false advertising of price and should be warned as not acceptable as credit cards fees do not add this level of variance.

I work for a large Australian Bank and would not hesitate in advising all staff of this issue if I do not here back from yourselves in regards to this matter.

unethical behavior and rip off

  • Shell's response · Nov 11, 2019

    Dear Terrence,

    Shell Oil Products US (“Shell”) takes your concerns seriously and appreciates the time you took to let us know about your experience at a the Shell branded station located at 8788 VINELAND AVE, ORLANDO, FL 32821. This issue is now part of pending litigation in Florida and is being run through the court system. Thank you for raising this issue and the opportunity to respond to this matter and for being a valued Shell customer.

    Shell Solutions Center

Shell verified


This shell gas station in Florida is charging customers double plus for gasoline. The sign is hidden so when ppl get gas they are fooled. You fill you tank and then realize the total per gallon...I gave the clerk $20 and got 2.7 gallons of gas.

This is illegal to charge that amount of money...I am contacting a person of authority
this is totally a disgrace and fraud to the public...someone needs to be put in jail for this. If I walked in that store and stole something, I would go to jail...this station is
literally secretly stealing from the public, once the gas is in your car you can't take it
out...that is STEALING from the people!!