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Tickets annual pass disability

First off the tickets are less than a Orlando theme park. Ez pay was cheaper that any theme park. I got all 4 parks. Sad thing is they still taking out money to pay my ezpay the parks are closed bc of coronavirus. I called was put on a 45 mins hold. Got to speak to no one. Never called back. They have not offered to extend my days months ect yet. But they love my money! When I do go to the parks. I am in a wheelchair. I use disability entrances. We disabled people have a designated spot. But guess what? People use theme to have their kids see but truly the whole place you can see the shows. I pull a worker to tell them to move the people so I can see the show. They tell me no sorry wait for the next show! I told them hell no. I got a manger. The show started. The manger told me the same thing. Bye! What the point of disability entrance or seating if you can't rules and in force then!

Entertainment - horrible

My family and I went to Sea World and had a horrible experience with the food. In such a big park you would expect better quality food! My family waited over an hour to get to the cashier and order the chicken to find out that it was fried in some OLD OIL causing my 11 year old son to get a rash in ALL HIS BODY! It was horrible! It was the only new food that he had so we inferred that the SEA WORLD lunch cause him to erupt in hives all over his body in the evening! SEA WORLD should have more quality control on food being served to hundreds of visitors!

Entertainment - horrible

Over Charging

Do NOT buy SeaWorld Orlando EZ Pay Passes! They did not tell us that they automatically renewed and will not refund our money for passes that we did not want! Their rides were constantly being shut down, and the lines were too long, so why the hell would I want to waste another $600.00 on them? I told customer service that I would post this and they told me that "they took threats seriously" and hung up on me!


Hi how are you. Today was my first time coming to Orlando Florida and to seaworld. My husband, friends and I were on the rope/jungle gym and a guy in there physically assaulted my husband. There was even innocent bystanders as witness's. we immediately exited ad called for security. The man admitted to choking my husband and hitting him. They security team just made the man apologize and told my husband if that wasn't good enough they both were to be kicked out. We bought the dinner meal passés for all day but couldn't use them a second time. The rest of the day was awkward for nothing any of my party has done I cannot believe I drove all the way from jersey and this man didn't get kicked out or anything. As if the security staff didn't care at all. Not one of us enjoyed out stay an our time there because everywhere we went this man was there laughing at us. I can't believe after someone admitted to Doing wrong they still didn't get in any trouble! I am very disappointed in the way this was handled an the way we each blew 84 dollars a person for such a horrible visit. They didn't even try to make it up to us. I hope this outcome can we resolved. I never seen something like this before. Thanks a concern visitor of tonight's show.

No special needs guest

Very unhappy with todays visit. We live in Orlando/Kissimmee area and have been loyal pass holders for 3 years.
Today my pregnant wife along with my 3 year old daughter, sister in law and mother in law went to Seaworld thinking they would have a great time. My wife is 4 months pregnant and has diabetes along with a dropping blood pressure issue. The doctors say it could be just through the pregnancy, but she needs to constantly eat. She may pass out and hitting the floor while pregnant wouldn't be a good thing.
So long story short as we have done many times in the past my wife brought a small cooler that conforms to the policies. Inside there were snacks for my daughter and sandwich for my wife that she could snake on if in the event she felt ill. She was refused entry to the park because of this. She asked to speak to a manager (Jacob) and a general manager. To no avail. She called me historical crying about how badly she was being treated. The general manager refused to speak with me and the options my wife was given was to send an email complaint or fill out a paper with her comments. Imagine where that paper would have gone.
I called the 800 number to attempt to speak to someone on this issue. Not even they could reach guest services. I left my name and number with the kind and understanding operator named Drew.
Really is this how Seaworld deals with their special needs guests? I am also a Disney year pass holder and have never had any issue with bringing in food for my wife. I manage at Universal Studios Orlando, Florida. Even I know that rules sometimes need to be bent for "SPECIAL NEED GUEST." Truly disappointed and still waiting on a call from someone to help with this situation. It's a shame that someone needs to explain and embarrass themselves with they're medical conditions.
So if you have special medical needs this might not be the place for you. If this is not corrected then I along with my family will NOT be buying passes once these expire. We spend plenty of money in the parks to not be allowed a sandwich for a sick pregnant woman.

  • Br
    brandy Morris Dec 27, 2014

    Long lines rude people horrible service. Worst experience ever

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  • Ru
    Ruth and Kevin Dec 27, 2014

    It is a shame about the lines, they should have told everyone waiting before you to get out of line so that you can enjoy yourself. Did you forget to tell everyone that you are a princess and should not have to wait in line. But seriously what do you expect, It was the holiday season and I bet the rudeness and horrible service was they did not treat you like the princess that you demanded to be treated like,

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Terrible Refund Policy

Discovery Cove in Orlando Florida offers a great tropical getaway for the day where you can swim with dolphins, sun on wonderful beaches, and much more. The only thing they fail to tell you is that they have a VERY STRICT, UNREASONABLE, NO REFUND POLICY and THEY NEVER CLOSE, which is absolutely ridiculous.

My boyfriend and I went in January of 2010 and unfortunately Florida's weather had a very unusual cold snap and the temperatures dropped to a very unfriendly, not tropical atmosphere of between 30-40 degrees Fahrenheit. You would think that this sort of place would have to close during frigid weather, weather that even had some snow flurries, but nope they were open. When contacting them and explaining that we'd like a refund because subjecting people to lay on the beach in frigid weather is ridiculous, the only thing they'd allow us to do was reschedule it for another day. Of course this was an impossible feat to accomplish because the weather remained the same for the week we were there. The only other recourse is to reschedule it they say, and they will only allow you to do so for up to a year of your original purchase. Since both of us are not from Florida, in fact he's from another country, neither of us have any plans on returning to Florida in the near year future.

Currently we are in the process of attempting to speak with someone at discovery cove about this concern but have yet to hear anything back from them despite two separate promises that they would be contacting us via telephone on certain days. Wow, I guess they truly don't care about their customers.

  • Ma
    markymark261 Mar 03, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Being the boyfriend in question, I'd just like to update things and mention that I finally did get a full refund from Discovery Cove, thank to their Guest Relations people. I'd also like to clarify that there was only one occasion when they promised to contact me by phone and then failed to, and they did later apologise for that.

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  • Sa
    Sambolee Feb 10, 2011

    My family & I are planned our Disney Dream vacation for months & I was so excited to book our "swim with the dolphins" experience @ Sea World. I booked 9/10 for tomorrow 9/11. Unfortunately my husband & I came down with serious upper respiratory infections for which the Dr. Prescribed Levaquin & advised us to cancel our swim Due to the inclement weather & temps in the 60's. I immediately contacted Sea World & spoke to Ginger who basically told me I could only get a refund if I had something serious like a heart attack! I was also told that I could give the tickets to someone else (very generous of them) or I could use them within a year's time. This is also a problem since we are leaving in 1 more day & I live in NJ & don't have the luxury of being able to come on these expensive Disney vacations
    on a yearly basis! I asked to speak with a manager, Keisha, & she was of no help either - just repeated everything the first customer rep. Told me. I feel this is a disgrace! We worked hard to save for this vacation & Sea World literally screwed us out of $400! Of course it's a win-win situation for them - they're making money no matter what! How would the corporate big shots of Sea World feel if they were being taken advantage of in a similar situation at some other attraction? Do you think they would stand for it? At least have an insurance option of some sort so people with legitimate reasons for canceling aren't losing money when it could be put to use for everyday living! Obviously Sea World has no concern or compassion for their guests which will cost them in the end because I will certainly never deal with them again & plan to spread the word to everyone I possibly can! Sea World corporate big wigs are running a great scam!

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  • I adopted my little girl and planned what would be every little girls dream birthday, a day swimming with the dolphins at Discovery Cove. The weather was cold, raining and we had a horrible experience. They offered for us to come back within the year. I just booked our flights and was in a bad road bike accident and broke my pelvic bone in three spots, fractured my hip and knee. My dad offered to fly her out to Orlando and take her in my place. Can you believe they are making him pay full price and it is peek season. They will not transfer my ticket, even with the letter from my orthopedic surgeon stating I can not travel. I worked with them on the weather which was out of their control can you believe that they will not work with me on my accident which was out of my control. Discovery Cove is into making money not memories for kids.

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  • Ke
    Kelleyj Jul 23, 2013

    My husband and I went to the trainer for the day, what a rip off and a disappointment. It all went wrong, from the disorganization, to the 2nd dolphin interaction being put off till it was literally 5 minutes long because of issues they were having, Then there was some kind of bio hazard situaion were they had to get everyone out of the water over in lagoon..ugh we traveled down from the north east and literally had one day, we were supposed to hear from guest relations never heard a word back...we spent almost a thousand dollars for a day...joke was on us...never again

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  • Lu
    Luis Santini Apr 26, 2015

    On April 25 around 13:30 I went To Discovery Cove Security Gate to get a discharged letter from my former supervisor in order to get back my Discovery Cove Uniforms, The encounter with the "Anglo" security guard was exceptionally rude, unprofessional and discriminatory. Apparently, he though, I was trying to sneak in with my two days expired I.D. He is a "white" Caucasian male 6'1" tall and blue eyes security guard who is not following the Sea World Security Guard Training where respect to all races and consideration to all persons is one of the topics to learn at the training.
    Is a Shame that Sea World hire this kind of KKK mentality employees who only look at you as inferiors just because you are a minority, in my case as Hispanic. Is a shame that Discovery Cove hires this kind of ###ed ###s, for a position of power who deteriorate the image of Sea World and Discovery Cove. So if you are planning to visit this park, and you are Hispanic, Black or other minority group, be ready to encounter with this security guard who believe he is a superior Viking God with a High School diploma. Sea World and Discovery Cove Shame on you!

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  • Ra
    randy rudd Jan 22, 2016
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    when making a reservation giving my name address tell number, c card info they wanted birth dates and set up a account we will not have axes to internet on are trip any way thinking what the hell, then stopping the order as NO where in are trip did we have to agree to all that just for a reservation, both in are 50's I didn't want then to getting are e mail and all, next morning I get a email from them saying they need more info to compleat my reservation, and there ad popped up on yahoo now they have my C Card info name, address, email even after I decided not to go as they pissed me off, I called they hung up on me saying they need that info, for what to sell,

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No special needs assist for day camps

I wanted to send my son, who has Asperger's Syndrome, to the day camp at Sea World. Though he is very high functioning (13 and 8th grade advanced classes), there are some things that he would need in accommodation to make his experience great! When I called this morning I was informed that Sea World makes "NO accommodations" for children with special needs. I'm looking for simple things like: someone too keep the extra eye on him, have in-door activities in the afternoon or make sure that there is shade and ability to get wet and cool off, intervene in conversations should he be picked on, smaller size group. That's it! They have a 1 to 10 ratio, however the class size is 40 students with 4 counselors. Basically, that is WAY too large of a group for him and he would easily get left behind or ignored and not feel involved.

Nope, nothing... I really didn't feel I was looking for a lot, but apparently $369 bucks can't give that extra little for people trying to enjoy life like their peers. What a shame, Sea World should be publicly ridiculed for this until they change their policy.

  • Ho
    HonchoArlington Apr 16, 2015

    Actually, you are asking for alot. You are basically asking for him to have his own counselor (who has knowledge of Aspergers) - which would cost the program more money, and to totally re-arrange the day/program to accomodate his special need. My child is not special needs, and I would be angry if I paid that much money for her to go, and her day had to revolve around your child. I'm sure he'd love the Sea World camp, but you need to find a camp that caters to special needs and has experience dealing with them.

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