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Reviews and Complaints

Dollar Tree verified

to the manager in turn at december 23,2019 9:00pm

I am very angry, today December 23, 2019 the manager in turn was throwing away customers at 9:30 pm when the store closes at 10:00 pm and closed the store door at 9:45 pm and did not let anyone enter to the store, and also looking badly at people, She was telling people that at 10:00 pm they had to leave that it didn't matter if there were customers inside the store before 10:00 pm. I think they should take this into consideration, they shouldn't have this person if they don't know how to treat costumers, and that time The store lost money because of this types of managers.

  • Updated by Man lee · Dec 24, 2019

    No, they don’t suppose to do that if the store close at 10:00 pm they have to leave at pm no when they want to leave..

  • Updated by Man lee · Dec 24, 2019

    What are u talking about I’m an adult

  • En
    English Ian here Jan 02, 2020

    Looks like the CB I used to know! Now then you two... count to ten and calm down!!

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  • En
    English Ian here Jan 02, 2020

    Where’s Brenda, jerseyguy, jdh55?????

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  • No
    normanbates2 Jan 04, 2020

    Where is brenda ? She is foxy

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  • Be
    beckywiththegoodhair Jan 05, 2020

    I too visited this same store. Imagine my surprise to discover that the store had decided to close before it actually opened!! Unbelievable!! I was forced to walk a couple of steps in order to visit another store. This is completely unacceptable in civilised society.

    Come on Dollar tree - get it together!!

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