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the manager at the office of rock crusher rv park christy

After moving into the RV park my fiance had two interviews for the maintenance job but because of lady that is now kicked out and doesn't live there started rumors about us with the managers and the people in the community Christy is the manager she is rude and she's harassing my fiance and I made up lies and saying we have violated certain things when we have not a dog hasn't been loosing months does nobody else living here we haven't been fighting or arguing we've had like six different people moving next to us send me a no problems with any of them I don't know why she starting rumors and making up lies it's unprofessional for her I don't can't believe that she still even works in some communities let alone as a manager I know I'm not the first one to complain about her and I know I'm not going to be the last it's something has to get done we've already spoke with you guys once you guys said you were going to handle the matter and obviously you haven't cuz she still harassing us and now seems we have seven days to get out to vacate well I can't find a place in 7 Days especially with the kid and she's kicking us out for no reason cuz she got into an argument with my fiance because she was disrespectful and he told her about it and she didn't like it then two days later she had a paper that she gave to our daughter when we were in the showers send me a 7 days to vacate was never signed no paperwork she made up lies none of it's true something has to get done please contact us [protected] thank you for your time and have a beautiful day Tara Lynn