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Woodsprings Suitesclean, comfortable, affordable, nice staff

I have stayed at the WoodSpring Suites located at 1934 McCoy Road for the past six months. I recently relocated to Orlando to start a job and staying here provides me an opportunity to learn the area before purchasing a home.

I am very satisfied with my stay and have no complaints. The property is clean and well maintained and appears to be either new or recently renovated.

My room looks exactly like the photos on its website. The bed is comfortable, the appliances are new, the walls are freshly painted, the floor shows no wear and the decor has a modern, contemporary feel.

Nestor is the general manager. He is kind, courteous, personable and accommodating. This is true of every staff member in which I've interacted.

I'm given clean towels, linens, toilet tissue and trash bags whenever requested.

I have not had any security issues and find the area safe, the parking lot and immediate area well lit free of loitering.

The property offers a weekly rate that is significantly less than the accumulative daily rate making my stay both affordable and an excellent value.

Please know I've never written a review of a hotel or motel stay but felt compelled in this instance after reading reviews that are in stark contrast to my experience.

If you are thinking about staying here, then I suggest you do and bet you'll be happy with your stay.

I hope this helps with your decision.

WoodSpring Suitesfront desk staff (marc)

Extremely bad experience!! Please read!!

I booked a stay here while visiting my terminally ill mother in law, whom sadly passed. On Christmas Day I came to get a clean set of towels, but unfortunately with making arrangements and setting up a funeral I missed the front desk staff. They were gone for the day.

I did hear the commercial washers and dryers that the staff uses to wash in use. Therefore, I knew there in fact was staff on site. I knocked and knocked to no avail.

I called the customer service number but they were unable to help me with this. I asked to file a formal complaint.

The person on the phone took my information and said they'd get back to me.

When I returned to hotel after an extremely long day it was 12:00 a.m and employee(Marc) was at the front desk. I came down with the dirty towels( In need of a shower) and Marc immediately said " You can't get new towels until 7:00 a.m. I explained my situation to him but he was rude and said " I'm not going to give you towels." I then asked for a manager. Marc then said "those are the rules, they're posted there and the manager is going to tell you the same thing". The guests that were in the lobby waiting to check in were flabbergasted, after all I was just asking for clean towels I was unable to get previously.

In tears I said to Marc "It's Christmas" " My mother in law just passed, and I need to shower" Can you have a bit of compassion?" He then said " Nope!!" I have people waiting"

I had no choice but to walk back to my room with my dirty towels, extremely embarrassed and humiliated.

P.S. to the person responsible for responding to the reviews... Please, Please don't say "Sorry you feel this way" or " Sorry this is your perception, or opinion" Accept responsibility when you're (or your staff is wrong) AND make it right!! After all, guests witnessed this.

Woodsprings Suitescharges by hotel

I am staying at your McCoy Rd location in Orlando, FL. I check in on 6/27 (Thursday) and had a online reservation for one night which I was quoted on line as $68 for the night plus tax of $8.50 from the website. Upon arrival to the hotel and check in the receptionist at the desk pulled up my reservation and then told me the total was $77.57. To which I asked why so far off from what the site told me, he said because of taxes which he calculated using a Calculator. To which paid using my Credit card to pay the balance and sign a receipt which said my departure and next payment due date was 6/28(Friday).
I then about 2 hours later went down to the desk to extend my room another week as I would not be able to be there before 11am as I would be at work. So I want to pay for a week so I can be good till next Friday 7/5. He again ran my card for $466.49 and again signed another receipt that now had my departure date and next payment due date of 7/5 (Friday).

Then the afternoon of 7/3 (Wednesday) at around 4pm went to the desk and talked to a different receptionist and told him since I would not be able to be to the desk before 11am on Friday because of Holiday work schedule and would like to pay my room for another week. He looked on the computer and put things into the same Calculator as the receptionist before him and told me the total would be $620.56. I asked why so much and he told me because to push the room to be due on Friday 7/12 which is 8 days that is the total with taxes. I asked how is it 8 days when I am asking to extend it from Friday 7/5 to Friday 7/12 that is 7 days, to which he tells me no it's from Thursday to Friday because you room is due on Thursday 7/4 but this will being you up to Friday as due date. To which I said I don't see how but again charged my Credit card for the amount of $620.56 and signed another receipt that now said my departure and next payment due date is 7/12(Friday).
Then the morning of 7/11 the front desk called me on my cellphone and asked if I would be saying longer then another week as they are expecting a sell out of rooms and want to make sure they didn't rent mine out if I needed it. I said yes for this week and let's due another just to be safe in case I do, to which he said ok so that will be till 7/26(Friday).
That afternoon 7/11(Friday) at around 4pm I went to the front desk and dealt with the same receptionist as before, to which I asked him how is it that your sign out front says $365 a week and the online says $411.22 which includes taxes a week. So my question is how is it I am being changed $544.06 and then $620.56 for a week, when even the website says $365.54 before tax which is $.54 more then your sign says but yet I am being changed so much. He said that's our move in right for the first time, to which I said I didn't even get that. He looked into the computer under my room number and said not you didn't and did somethings on the computer and my amount for the week will be $469 for the week.
This time I paid $400 to my Credit card the remaining $69 in cash.
Then signed another receipt with the departure and next payment due date of 7/26(Friday).

Then today 7/18(Thursday) I return to the hotel after work at about 6pm and let the front desk know that I would not need my room the extra week and will be checking out tomorrow 7/19(Friday) morning and would leave the room key in the room as the front desk would not be open when I leave in the morning. To this he asked my room number I told him it's 303 he looked into the computer and told me that I owed him $84, which I said how is it I owe you this. He says that is the late fee for the room that is due today as you where not here at 11am to pay the room. I said again how is that because my due day is on 7/19(Friday) tomorrow so again how is it due today. He got the General Manager who turns out was the one who checked me in on 6/27 and dealt with me extending my room. He tried telling me it's always been due on Thursdays and says you have consumed 21 nights but have not paid for 21 nights. He said "think of it like you go to the doctors and you don't pay because you believe your insurance will pay but then 3 weeks later get a bill from the doctors for the visit and it says your insurance didn't cover the cost so you owe us this".
I said that has nothing to due with this situation we have right here, the situation is that on all my receipts from day 1 says my due days are all on Fridays and now I owe you. So if I where here before 11am this morning and told you I would be checking out tomorrow he said I would have only charged you for $74 for the night. I again said I am lost how that is when I am due on Friday as stated on my receipts to which he replied " that is something we have to change manually in the computer before printing the receipt, but my staff have not been doing it and I am in the middle of fixing that right now" . So what you are saying is the receipts where wrong from day 1 that you set in the computer, so what about me going to the room to get my stuff and I will sleeping on the floor of my new place that I had been waiting on which is the reason I was staying here. He said you would have to pay me $74 which is what you owe me as I will wave the late fee. I told him I don't even got that to pay you all I can do is $40 in cash. To which he said here is what I am going to due for you I will charge you the $40 for tonight so that you can move your stuff and sleep in the room tonight due to our mistake. I paid the $40 unhappily and told him I am not happy with this clear stealing of money. He said " you can't due anything about it " I want to hear back from someone at the corporate level to deal with this problem by 7/19(Friday). I have all the receipts and A complete guest charges breakdown for my stay.

charges by hotel
charges by hotel
charges by hotel
charges by hotel

Woodsprings Suitesmanager on duty on 3/22/19; around late noon.

So my aunt is staying at this location. She is here taking a break from all the chaos and stress from her hometown...only the manager made her time here unpleasant thus far. She was very anxious, irritable, and didn't like the way she was treated. When her alarm went off in her room the manager came up to check the issue. She simply told him she was drying her hair, and he did not even acknowledge what she was saying. Nor did he say anything to her as he left the room after she questioned him...she will not return after this visit, nor will I suggest this location to anyone else.