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Wawafriday july 19, 2019 out of tomatoes in a deli?

How can you run out of tomatoes and call yourself a deli? Today is friday July 19th 2019 and at 3P i was told your store in Georgetown was out of tomatoes and waiting for "the next truck" . I offered to go to the nearby social safeway and buy $50 of in season tomatoes because clearly on a friday afternoon in downtown DC a truck could be anywhere and take up till Monday for theM of LTM lettuce, tomato, mayo part of a deli. My offer was declined and was told their store had to wait as instructed by a branch manager. Who waits for something that is needed in a new store. Make things happen and solve the problem. Send an employee. do something. Think outside the box. I told the manager on site I would go buy $50 of tomatoes in a heart beat and expense it back or eat it if it helped me profit $1k over the next day. Lets think outside of a box and be the store that we advertise ourselves to be. And, there is an offer called the Wawa "hoagyfest" that has specials on sandwiches. Please tell me how this adds up?

friday july 19, 2019 out of tomatoes in a deli?
friday july 19, 2019 out of tomatoes in a deli?