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Reviews and Complaints

Starbuckscold brew with cascara cold foam

Im sorry to have to complain, but now being the 4th time I have had a problem with just this store in the AM. the last couple of months I haven't been able to get a drink ready before I get there from a phone order in which they had EXTRA time to make it and have it ready. my phone would say it will be ready in 4 min and will be ready before you get there. I arrive at least 4 mins to 8 mins after I place my order and its not ready. today 10-10-2019 my drink was placed at 5:01 I arrived at 5:08 my drink didn't get handed to me until 5:15 I asked the manager why ..I just got a sorry. that's it. I told her it was the fourth time now .still got just sorry. and to top it off the drink was made wrong by some new girl.. ever since NATALIE VALENCIA hasn't been working there in the mornings to watch over the drinks the place has gone down hill. The first time this happened I let it go .I thought maybe they were too busy that day..2nd time I phoned in from a further distant and it wasn't ready and there was a car in the drive thru and nobody inside.. I asked where my drink was and the girl said it wasn't ready.. I said really? the girl replied ...REALLY with attitude..i almost didn't go back..but this store is across the street from my work.. thank you I hope you can fix this store and put NATALIE V. BACK IN CHARGE