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CB Hair and Beauty Salons Great Clips 43rd W Peoria Ave, Glendale, AZ, 85302, US
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Great Clips

43rd W Peoria Ave, Glendale, AZ, 85302, US
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4:41 pm EDT

Great Clips - haircut/attitude of stylist

I have gone to this particular store to receive a hair cut before and received an excellent stylist who handled my requests perfectly and was very friendly. Unfortunately, this time on 7/28/19, Ticket #440519. I walked in and was met with a complete and total "[censored]ty" attitude by the same person who also cut my hair, her name was Ashley. She did not offer any extra services, shampoo or anything. She just sat me down in the chair, stone-faced and asked what I wanted. She proceeded to spray my hair with a spray bottle of water and then drug the comb through my hair. I have thin, long hair and so it doesn't take long for any stylist to really cut my hair. I asked that she trim the dead ends and cut my bangs. I motioned to where a wanted my bangs to hit. Once that was completed, she quickly asked me if that was where I wanted it. I asked to possibly trim a little bit more. I asked before she was to continue to not use that "slide technique" down my hair because that makes my hair "wing out" when it's dry causing more split ends. Before I could even explain why, She proceeded to tell me, "Do you want me to botch cut it on the side? How, do you want me to do it because that's the technique I use." Needless to say, I was a little taken back by her attitude and this goes far beyond "Having a bad day". Stunned, I told her what she did was fine. She ripped the smock off my neck as if to say we're done here and I proceeded to pay for the cut with no tip. I have never had anyone have a problem with using a different technique to trim my bangs. This stylist, Ashley clearly didn't want to take the time to fulfill a request from a paying customer. If this person has a doubt or lack of confidence in cutting an individual's hair with a different technique then, perhaps she should go back to school to learn different techniques. Had she done what I asked and not had an attitude she would have received a tip. If I do return to this store, I hope that this individual is removed from the premises for more training and re-evaluation as to whether or not she wants to continue being a stylist.

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