Sirensthe spanish lady that worked 9/30 around 4:58 pm with the golden blonde hair

Pa Sep 30, 2019

First start was when I entered the store. She looked at me and walked Away. 2nd time I asked about a sale price...she huffed and gave answer across the room. 3rd I was ready to Checkout and had to be back at work in 7 min. She continued to write on a paper for 3 minutes so I told her I was ready. She than said I know...I just have to finish this. 4th time was she couldn't get col tag to come off two items. 5th was I asked what her name was and she said why do I need to know her name. After she said that repeatedly she asked did I have a problem. I then refused to spend money and walked out. Ppl like. Mrs Blondie should never ne servicing humans. Never seen poor customer service in retail like this need before. I pray she doesn'tdo it to another loyal customer.

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