Ulta beauty will take anything back (Even if you empty the container and fill it with water - I had to except a return like this when I worked there) but they will not except my exchanges because I used to work in their store!

This is discrimination at it's finest.

I have spent thousands of dollars in the store and know the rules (That are still stated on their website, in their stores near the cash register and on the back of receipts). They refuse to take my exchanges because I don't have a receipt... I have never really kept them because I haven't ever needed them.

I called guest services and they told me that I would hear from the district manager... Who won't return my call. I have the email from guest services.

I go in the store and the general manager tells me the same thing, still don't hear from him. I do have the conversation with her recorded.

Horrible customer service and discrimination going on at the norman oklahoma store.

I was told by the general manager they thought my items might be older than 60 days?!? They aren't but okay, even if you think that your policy states "if the item is over 60 days old or not accompanied by a receipt then you get an in-store credit" she refused to do it.

In all honesty, I think this could be a lawsuit because ulta is false advertising and discriminating. I don't see it posted anywhere in their store that they have the right to refuse service to certain people they don't like. They are overpriced and over-rated anyway and they don't even carry mac. Go to sephora!

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