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UK Lottery review: Fake, fraud cheat

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All email lottery are fake, fruad&cheatter

All email lottery company united king -dom(U.K)

Please attention united nation&nbritish priminister?

Indian people&overseae people cheated

The promotion department irish lottery,
Fake, fruad&cheatter
Please serch gourab majumdar.[protected], gau rab.[protected] +[protected]

The promotion department irish lottery complaints - is the prize money real? No.
The promotion department irish lottery
Fake, fruad&chetter . Company, beware, be alert
Fw: re: this is a fraud case.2010
+[protected] received call 2times yesteday.
Gourab majumdar

Title: mr.
First name: gourab
Last name: mjumdar([protected])india- kolkata
An icici bank customer: yes
Product: feedback on customer first series
Account no:
What would you like to say: good day gaurab.Majumdar
Thursday, december 16, 2010 12:07 pm
" gaurab.[protected]
Good day gaurab.Majumdar,
3) transportation fees.
E-mail address: gaurab.[protected]
Correspondence address: country: india
- on fri, 12/17/10, head service quality wrote:from: head service quality
Subject: re:'icicicare=[protected]' product: feedback on customer first series / old customer /gaurab.[protected]
To: "gaurab.[protected]"
Date: friday, december 17, 2010, 3:07 pm

Dear customer,

Thank you for writing to us and bringing this e-mail to our notice.
We understand that there are misleading e-mails being sent to customers of various banks stating that funds need to be credited to their account with respect to some lottery / inheritance/ job offers / international funds transfer.

We urge you not to react or share any information in
Fw: re: this is a fraud case.2010
Friday, december 31, 2010 10:50 pm
"gaurab majumdar"
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"gaurab. Majumdar", [protected]
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1 file (30kb)
Job and lotter scam - 7 december 2010.Doc
-- on fri, 12/31/10, md.[protected]@fco.Gov.Uk wrote:
From: md.[protected]@fco.Gov.Uk
Subject: re: this is a fraud case.2010
To: gaurab.[protected]
Date: friday, december 31, 2010, 5:12 pm
Dear mr majumdar,
Thank you for your enquiry.
I regert to inform you that there are a lot of online scam going on, on lottery and job offer. Therefore, we have already posted a notice on our website - www.Ukinindia.Fco.Gov.Uk alerting the people that they should not fall into the trap. A page from this website is attached. Please read it carefully.
We suggest that please do not pay
He´sme he´keÀemeôer press release·
Meb®eej fjeyeeäe, kewÀêr³e keÀe³eeõue³e, sme.Yer.Sme.Ceeäeõ, cegbyefõ 400001
Department of communication, central office, .B.S. Marg, mumbai 400001
SheÀesôe/phone: [protected] hewÀkeÌme/fax: [protected]
Yeejler³e fjejeõ yeqkeÀ
Reserve bank of india
Jesyemeefì : www.Rbi.Org.In/hindi
Website : www.Rbi.Org.In
F-cesue email: [protected]@rbi.Org.In
July 30, 2009
Beware of fictitious offers/lottery winnings/cheap fund offers: rbi
The reserve bank of india has, today once again clarified that remittance in any form towards participation in lottery schemes is prohibited under the foreign exchange management act, 1999. Further, these restrictions are applicable also to remittances for participation in lottery-like schemes functioning under different names, such as, money circulation scheme or remittances for the purpose of securing prize money / awards, etc. The re
Don’t take percel / don’t pay advanced money. Call your own bank for receving.As soon as possible.
All email lottery are fake, fruad&cheatter
Gourab majumdar, , kolkata.Mobile-[protected]
Gaurab.[protected], [protected]
Please serch gourab majumdar

Full name:gourab majumdar_
Son of late ramendra majumder______
(2) full address:155/2b acharaya prafulla chandra road._kolkata-700006
(3) nationality:indian
(4) age:46yrs
(5) occupation:self-employed
(6) telephone number:+[protected]
(7) sex:male
(8) country of residence:india
Don'tsend percel

Bank draft, in faviour of icici
Bank of india, kolkata branch, 140/1 prince anware shah road branch, ( gourab majumdar, son of late ramendra majumder)
Icici bank of india
West bengal: [protected]
Mumbai: [protected]

Delhi (Mobile): [protected]
24hr customer care numbers


R.B.I contact information:

Foreign remittance department

The reserve bank of india

. Secretary officer-in charge,
International and foreign matters
Reserve bank of india.
Central office,
No6, sansad marg, janpath
New delhi. H.O 110001-india
Telephone number:

Telephone number: [protected],
Email: [protected]@ibank.Inrbi.Org em ail: [protected]@ibank. Inrbi .Org
Email: [protected]@ ac

Full name:__gourab majumdar_
Son of late ramendra majumder______
Company: if any self employed
Full contact address:_155/2b acharaya prafulla chandra road._kolkata-700006_______
Zip code:700006______
Country: _india_____
Occupation: __self-employed___
E-mail address:__gaurab. [protected]@[protected]
Gourab majumdar

Date of brith:02-02-1964
- show quoted text -
Name:of icici bank-account no-[protected]
Branch name: kolkata - : 140/1, prince anwar shah road 700045
City: kolkata -

District: kolkata
State: west bengal
Micr code [protected]
Ifsc code: icic0000540
Website: netaji subhas chandra bose

International airport

Gourab majumdar

Reserve bank of india
Jesyemeefì : www.Rbi.Org.In/hindi
Website : www.Rbi.Org.In
F-cesue email: [protected]@rbi.Org.In
I want reserv bank of india certificate.
[protected]@rbi.Org.In; gmbelap [protected]@rbi.Org.In


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