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I bought an industrial power tool from UK Fixings Direct in January 2012. There were a number a flaws and faults with the machine, so I asked UK Fixings Direct to collect the machine and give me a refund. I was instantly accused, by a Mr Nick Grimmer at UK Fixings Direct, of being a "con man". He did not even bother to read a detailed letter that I had wrote, detailing the faults with my machine in some detail. He accused me of "using the machine for a big job, with the intention of returning it afterwards". To rub salt into my wounds, he then asked me "if I was drunk" when I was speaking to him on the phone. This is my worst ever experience as a consumer, by a long, long way! Buy from this company at your peril. I wouldn't wish my experience on my worst enemy!


  • Vi
    VICTOR WONOBI Sep 04, 2012

    Mr Justin Jenkins, caught and reported to the police for attempting to defraud uk fixings direct. Used the machine for his job then demanded a refund on the grounds it was faulty, i offered a warranty repair and refered him to makita, however, it later turned out the machine was not faulty, it was only Mr Justin Jenkins attempting to defraud uk fixings which was reported to the police of which i have the case ref to hand, should anyone require it.

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  • Mr
    MR GARFIELD Sep 08, 2014


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  • Jo
    John Peck Nov 29, 2014

    East coast fasteners are Uk fixings, not a sister company, the SAME company! They used to call themselves Uk diamond, seem to change their name every other month. Their staff are rude and give out false names. I placed several orders with this company, only to find they had taken illegal payments from my credit card! Took months to get my money back. Goods were of poor quality! A true nightmare to do business with.

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  • I was cold called regularly by these people, I bought 2 of the same product at a reasonable price from these, but they sent an inferior pair of units instead, I complained 3 times, the sales director Robert Williams initially promised to have the units collected and replaced, I was further promised by two other members of staff that this would happen, 2 months on and they have not collected the units let alone replace them, I am currently checking up on this company and it seems they may have changed their name again, I will update if I find this to be so.

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  • Ja
    jack of of all trades Jun 14, 2015

    East coast fasteners is a trading name of uk fixings and the only reason the company was forced to do that as another company
    set up wit a similar name and they were cowboys, they only stock top brands and they charge the best prices around, yes they cold call
    but it is to make our lives easier, rather than having to go an buy things at a high price from whatever shop, we simply call them, they do the best deal possible and deliver it within 2 days even to our site address, i was dealing with a gentleman called Ross Mackay and
    he could not be more helpful and as for the above comment about Mr williams its complete rubbish, he is more than helpful and what
    i would say to all the guys like myself in the trade is give them a chance and when you see the quality you recieve and then look at the price you have paid i assure you wouldnt be dissapointed,
    Bob the builder

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  • To
    Tonyj5 Aug 21, 2015

    I sadly placed an order with East Coast fasteners . First order only half arrived, the other half went to my old address! . When went to collect it it wasn't what was ordered, was a cheap imitation, second order paid for and nothing arrive! 30 days have now passed with endless promises and still nothing and when asked for refund they told me that restocking charge would be value of my payment!
    Now in the hands of the bank. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THEM .

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  • Jo
    John Shepherd Aug 18, 2017

    I place an order with east coast fasteners for some saw blades, after waiting 4 weeks with no delivery I called them several times each time being told they would look into it, 2 weeks later still no blades which by this time I had to go out and purchase elsewhere as I needed them. I must have made a further 25 calls each time being told that someone would call me back which nobody did, I then told them that I did not now require the blades as I had to purchase else where and asked for my money back. A week later after making another 5+ phone calls I receive a credit note, I called them to ask for my money only to be told that I cancelled the order and they don't give refunds on cancellations because that was in their terms and conditions, I have read their terms on their web site and nothing is of the such is stated, the manager will not talk to me or take or return any of my calls, everytime I ask to be put through to him he's either at a meeting, on the phone or out to lunch, this is still an on going matter and for the sake of a £200 refund they have lost a customer that has spent thousands of pounds with them in the past. Absolutely disgusting customer services and ridiculous business sense. Do yourself a favour do not buy from these because they are your best mate when your spending money but treat you like a piece of dirt if they've got to sort something out.

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  • Pa
    Paul Par Apr 09, 2018

    I placed an order with them, they over charged me nearly three hundred pounds more than they said and have just given me the run around when I have rang them to sort it out. I have mostly dealt with a man called Rob, who promises the world and will sort out immediately but who then does nothing. I cannot believe that a company could trade like this and I'll be leaving the bank to sort it out. I would strongly recommend not to use this company.

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  • Pa
    Paul Par May 10, 2018

    I have spoken to them and found out it was down to an IT problem which has now been sorted and our dispute has been resolved. They are very knowledgeable about their products and I would use them again.

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  • El
    Elyob May 23, 2018

    I have been cold called repeatedly by this company since I retired. Up to my retirement, I found them okay. Then in July 2017 I was cold called by them and asked if I needed anything, I explained that I was retired and I only pottered on in my garage. At the time I was trying to locate a generator to drive a re-saw which needed a 30amp supply to run it and I only had a 13 amp supply to the garage. After explaining this to the person on the phone, he said he would have a word with his manager to see if he could supply a generator to do the job. So I gave him the particulars of the speck for the machine so that he could find the right sized generator to do the job. He then got back to me saying that he had located a generator to do the job from Hyundai. I then specifically said to the manager that if the generator was not strong enough it would be no good to me and that I would have to send it back, he replied that they had been in touch with the supplier of my Re-Saw and that they had confirmed the Generator they selling me was powerful enough to run my Re-Saw. When it arrived it was all boxed up so I had to take it from its wrappings and assemble in the garage. After putting oil and fuel in, I started the generator up and coupled it to the re-saw. I then switched the power on to run the re-saw and the generator died a death. This generator was sold to me to do a job for which it failed to do. I then tried to contact them to ask for a refund, after numerous phone calls and letters, I have still not had a refund. I am now in the process of going through the small claims court. Will keep you posted

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  • Cu
    Customer Service ECF May 23, 2018

    @Elyob Good afternoon,
    I am sorry you feel the need to post on here. We pride ourselves on customer service and I wish to look into this for you. However i cannot identify you. Please get in touch with us.
    Customer service

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  • Da
    DanielleMM Aug 09, 2018

    This company is a real nightmare to deal with! An illegal payment has been taken from our account and I now realise I am not the only one. The company do not reply to emails and do not answer their phone. The only way to get in contact is going through the bank and getting transferred.

    Would not recommend!

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