UFXForex - misleading and heavy loss

R Nov 12, 2015 Review updated:

dear sir i have many times treated by i have been joined since last one above years and total loss made around 25000 doller loss last so i have two compalaint to file against ufx and request you to read and take necessary action and any other trader will not trap again. 1st compalin is againstmr.[protected] (moradh hamed)who is a personnel trading trainer who cheated me on aug 29 while i was trading i ask some help from him about the trade he was given a wrong information and told me the trade was safe and the fund was in safe mode i believe his words and the same day eve when i chek my account all the money from my account was lost as because of he misleaded my trade and i emailed him there was no reply. i lost almost 6000 doller in this trade. i have to clear all my debt with the bank and there is no other way as my salary is very littlle to cover up my expences. my second complaind - on based this i complained to ufx about mr.ibrahim qasem called me he will help to recover this loss and offererd me to 50% of bonus on my deposit. so i decided to trade on safe mode only and on 2 nd oct i have deposited 2200 doller on the eve of non farm payroll data and i have traded and make profit of 1500 doller as because of i am not an experience trader i chose this date for safe trade and i withdraw full cash of 3700 doller because the ufx never support the trader ever on 5th of oct mr. ibrahim qasem called me and he offered the same as before what he told and forced me to pull back 3700 usd and with out my permission he took 1300 usd from my credit card and offer me “he will take the risk in the trade and will make the safe trade” as i don’t have internet access in every time and he offered the safe trade and all the trade was he done tru dealing room he was a small profit also and again and again he was trying to take money from my account and the credit card came over limit so i told him i don’t have more money to deposit and i want to withdraw cash on or before 15th oct on oct 8 he opened 2 trade tru dealing room and one trade made 100 doller and other trade made me full loss of money and as i don’t have net access i don’t aware about this loss he called me on friday and ask to open deal and make 100 doller profit and he did not even told my loss in the account on saturday only i knew that all my money was lost as i knew he was trapped me again. coz he ask me to trade opposite direction while the gpb against nzd was falling he force me to buy gpb of 400, 000. while he knew its very dangerous trade why he oppened this account i don’t know and i emailed him and ufx team there was no reply. from all my experience the team is asking to deposit more and more money one i told no cash available they will trap us and making the trader a heavy loss so i humply request to the honarable pls take necessary action against these type of malpractices so that the trader go safe. pls help me to recover the amount


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      Dec 27, 2015

    I have read your issue, try they can help you like they helped me and retrieved my money.

    Good luck!

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      Mar 19, 2016

    This company offers no deposit bonus so i make 3000 dollars plus but now they don't give this money and they this offer only for seven days but i know i claim befbefore it and now they finished my money

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