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Avoid this scam artist, Ty Cohen, who likes to brag himself as the Kindle Cash King with his overpriced Kindle Cash Flow program. Anybody who appoints himself king as an ego bigger than their charlatan operation.

Ty Cohen is a serious scammy spammer, burning out endless emails every single day trying to get you to buy another product or join another course. Plus, he rips students and writers in profiting off of them.

WARNING: Don't even join Ty Cohen's or Platinum Millennium's (his company) list because you can't even remove yourself from his emails, because even after doing so, he spams you with countless ads and promotions along with and from his cronies.

Seriously, what an amateur...actually GREEDY amateur. I'm surprised his list isn't burned out yet or the FTC hasn't' gotten on his tail.

Ty Cohen is a hypocrite; he's always preaching that you need to take action and doing and not get hung up on information. Yet, he is the one constantly bombarding you with more and more marketing information all in attempts to earn his affiliate commission...advising crappy products that "he doesn't even take the time to go through himself" AS a student, among the myriad of other email marketers. These greedy marketers are selling their souls for some commission for people to tune out from anything they do, in other words, from a supporter to opponent.

Everybody is getting tired of these internet marketers pushing their email lists with $100+ up to $1000+ products (daily/weekly). In the world of the internet and YouTube, all the information are found for free, and more and more YouTubers are teaching even better stuff all for free, similarly to a Robinhood for information disrupting the trading industry.

The marketing world is evolving, and joining $1, 000+ courses are a thing of the past because these marketers are shooting themselves in the foot for the past few years since the idea of marketing online by teaching and creating their own competitors who will do the same, and soon, everybody will be oblivious to their marketing. These fly-by-night-like marketing tactics are shady only sending you stuff, when they want you to buy something.

It's not only scammy spammer Ty Cohen, but please avoid and report to expose all these leechy marketers' ways.

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Update by jonastar
Jan 07, 2020 1:53 pm

To sum up, avoid this scammer and spammer Ty Cohen at all cost, a true charlatan who only wants to make money off of your desperation, who pushes endless useless marketing promotion ads in order to earn his commission without ever going and implementing the stuff from the exact same products that he is promoting and advocating. Talk about a hypocrite.

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Spam 2-3 x daily! all are 'Last time offered" --- price go back to X unless you buy now.

He exploits 5 or 6 "lucky" people he claim earn "THOUSANDS "a Month, - or - a MoNF" as he says. But many never took his course- which must be worthless because in his Kindle Cash Flow facebook group MOSTLY ALL those who bought it- still have tons & tons of questions.
His disclaimer say's "90% of buyers will get nothing from it".
TY barely talks-much less write -his emails are poor grammar, yet he boast #1 best seller writer which is a 'slogan" not an indication of books sold.
what he don't reveal is he spend tons advertising, yet declines to tell 1 title other than that late-arriving self publish book. Ty claims to use pen names because his books are on several topics- his 14 yr old allegedly had a ghost writer do a romance book- an obvious attempt to exploit his own son and TY spanked the tale for weeks cashing in. As proof "anyone" can do it with - excuse me- "whiff" his help as he says.

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