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Trg Customer SolutionsFraudulent company

The commission promised is fraud. The pay grid was changed midway and 50% less is paid. You are only paid commission. After you are paid your commission, you are faced with illegal charge backs, for sales allegedly canceled. It is now apparent that TRG Customer Solutions is committing fraud by claiming that an order was canceled. If a charge back does occur, a statement should be taken from the customer so you can use it in your law suit to recoup your money. There are absolutely no benefits. The terrible health plan offered is very expensive and paid totally out of the employees' pocket. The job has no security. Over 460 employees came and left this tiny office within a 12 month period. The management expects everyone to come in every day at 9:30am for a “pre-shift" meeting and work till 8:00pm or later. You are expected to work every day till you make 10 sales for the week. You are NOT paid for the meetings, your mileage, or anything except your sales. Then after a few weeks, you are charged back for at least 30% of your sales at a much higher rate than you were actually paid for those sales. There is no career growth unless you are very good at committing fraud. I am currently in the process of attempting to locate all of the past employees to organize them for a class action lawsuit against these perpetrators. The work environment is good if you are a “yes man". The few “yes men" do get a salary.


  • Mi
    MightyMouse99999 Jan 12, 2015

    The negative comments are TRUE. I was in need of a job so even after reading the reviews I still had to take the job. First of all they lied about the position. I was told I would have a tech position and after signing paperwork our group was then told the tech campaign was closed but this was for a sales position and we could not change our minds because once your on one campaign you can not switch. I was very upset because I knew I was not a seller which is why I did not apply for that position. OK. so I go for training and they have the most unprofessional trainer I have ever imagined. She was constantly starting rumors and even TWERKIN when she was supposed to be training us. If she wasn't on her phone talking to one of her male friends she was hooking up girls in the class with her brother who also worked at this place. She started a rumor about this poor girl who she was jealous of just because this young lady was very pretty and got more attention than her. I saw her talk about another girl who had a death in the family with a group of other supervisors about how they were plotting to point her out for missing days due to her loss. I often heard promises of promotions and this was true but you also saw these same people getting walked out the building one to two weeks later. Job security does not exist in this place. Now as for me my issue was that I was not a top seller. I was borderline and I because I refused to lie to people to get a sale they would tell me to clock out and go home because I was not in dress code. There was one guy who called in because his mother was going to a nursing home and he needed a basic phone for her. I got a hit because I did not offer direct tv to this guy who was almost in tears about putting his mother in a home. she could not even have call waiting on her phone and they wrote me up for not offering. I didn't mind. I told them I have a heart and this is supposed to be customer service and that's not serving my customer who was obviously upset. After I made the statement about having a heart and having to sleep at night they started in on me. Here is the kicker if you were a top seller you can wear what you like and no one has a issue. If you are not they do annoying things to try to make you quit. There are so many stories I could tell about this company its very shameful. I opted to leave because I knew I could not stay in that environment. SO BE WARNED IBEX GLOBAL IN HAMPTON VIRGINIA IS A SNAKE HOLE!! If you don't believe me try it for yourself. I was so happy to get away from that place and never look back. The only reason I am posting is because I see people actually trying to defend this company and its shameful. THERE are people who get fired for missing a day due to a death in the family while other don't even have to come to work and still get a check providing your sleeping with the right person. If you speak out your labeled a trouble maker and they come for you. Also when the CEO showed up we were told that if he asked us any questions we had to respond with what they told us was okay to say and if not we would be let go. They told us to direct our question to them because he isn't here to hear what we think or what our opinions are. THERE is no way to defend this and believe me there is so much more I could say. Stay away is my best advice.

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  • MikeL DISH Mar 28, 2013


    I'm sorry you feel that way about our service and would be happy to help you if you could provide me with some of the details of your concerns! Please let me know and I'll look forward to your response!

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  • Pt
    Ptennant64 Mar 10, 2013

    TRG is operating here in Springhill Tn. They have hired and fired so many people that I don't know how they stay in business. Just about everyone in this area knows someone that has been hired and fired by this company. These workers left jobs of 5 to 10 years with good records, and were fired by TRG. One worker may be bad, a dozen may be lazy and irresponsible, but hundreds in one area should at least raise eyebrows. I suspect maybe they are getting govt. finds for training people because that seems to be what they do. They train massive numbers of people only to come up with reasons to fire 80%.

    I have not worked for the company, but I am disgusted with what it is doing to my community. I read the insurance they offered and it capped at 5000 a year in covered expenses! It can only loosely be called health insurance. What will this cost the community as people get sick and cannot pay the bills. It is sad that so many left secure jobs with hopes of doing better only to be stomped on. This is an evil company and I regret that they came to this community because it will cost us in the long run.

    Apple and Dish Network need to rethink how they provide customer service. They would probably be better served by training their own workforce. I purchased Apple Care with three phones and 2 IPADs. I am so disappointed to discover Apple has chose such a company to provide customer support.

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  • Pr
    Proud employeed Dec 06, 2012

    All of the above look to be slander at least when it comes to the bend site.
    I do work for the company and because I'm a responsible adult who does not lie or steal
    I still have a job there and a very good one where I make very good money and have been treated fantastic. Most of My co workers and all of my bosses are amazing they really do go above and beyond. There is high turn over lazy, foolish thieving, and lying people get fired often. Other people go back to school or other life adventures. Most people who get fired make up a bunch of bull because their ego is bruised. But I do want people to know that listening to this slander isn't worth the time spent ask the people who do there job and climb the latter or ask the previous poster's who most likely haven't held a job for very long if at all.
    Thank you,
    Proud Employee

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  • Ha
    hated this sorry company Feb 27, 2012

    Please I would advise no one to work for this company. For one they don't accept doctors notes. Also you only get a 2 year window than they fire u and try to make up a reason why. Constantly hiring to fire. Just sad this company does this and gets away with everything they do. I worked for them for two years and should have left sooner but needed a job at the time. We recently had a bug problem in our building where people where getting bitten and the health department had to come in place a note on the door asking if anyone else had an issue to let them know. Why they take the note off the door and now people are still being bitten and nothing is being done about it. Sorry company to my concern. Also they love to take your money. Pto, sales, anything you make they do take. Iam sorry for anyone working there now.

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  • Ex
    EXpL Jan 15, 2012

    I work for TRG in Pittsburgh and I moved up to a supervisor position within 6months out of traning. There is no company where you will not have to deal with a couple mental bumps and bruises along your career. Just because you were a good sales person to someone who really did not want the product does not mean you should be upset, that means you were fantastic at your job.

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  • Cr
    Crappy company to work for Jul 31, 2011

    I worked for this company and the person is right. They have a lot of drug problems in their centers. If you say something they send you for a drug test for reporting it. The person that you informed HR about is not sent. Its also a good company to work for if you dont like bills being paid. They have a bad problem of paying ontime. They are always running out of bathroom products. Not that they are not being filled, meaning that they dont have any. Soap and toliet paper should not be something that you skip out on.

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  • Ig
    Ignorance_is_bliss Jul 29, 2011

    Everyone - Working for ANY outsource company has it's issues. The fact is, the Bend OR team breaks the mold. That team cares about it's people despite the corporate direction/pressure. Many times they have rolled things out completely against their will. What choice do they have? Quit? Sure - Great times for that. I have had family, friends, and acquaintances work there. The only issues they had were insurance (where does it NOT stink?) and pay. AND - just heard they are raising the wages! As for not maintaining the staff they claim to be hiring? No lay-offs. It's called natural turn over. Between the people with no work ethic, people who don't follow the rules, don't show up for work, don't perform well and/or try to vandalize the building the staff reductions take care of themselves. Guess the punchline is to hire better people. I used to report to some of the names that are referenced above as well. NOT druggies. Some downright slander going on there. And if you are who I think you are, you have no room to talk sir. I also worked for ACS over the hill from Bend...that is not a good place I have to say. TRG in Bend was quite a change from other call center jobs I have had. If you get canned, you most likely deserved it. What drives a person to ### all over a company that they worked for years ago and completely unprovoked to boot? I mean, you have to put forth effort to create an account and type it all out! Lastly, indeed some people who left got replaced. BUT - in different capacities. Roles were moved, changed etc to allow for more efficient management. Thusly, these roles were at different rates. DO NOT let this article scare you. If you don't like ACTUALLY working, stay away from that site. Do yourself and others a favor. Unreal.

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  • Pi
    pimpintrg97701 Jul 24, 2011

    TRG is a I have worked in managment there (bend, oregon) and they are the total oppisite of any good work enviorment. They all hire within only if you are friends with managment. The supervisors and operation managers and the team leads all are crooked in one form or another. Russ stadden, ken crozier, jason oliver, and most of the rest are on drugs and will act like they are better than everyone else. The supervisors have had a womens retreat that included pat barkley and they all did mushrooms and got wierd in the woods. They are the biggest hypocrites of them all. No matter what your stance is on this company the truth is exactly that the truth. every time there is managment turnover they lower the going pay scale for that job. I was making 17 and hour plus bonuses and spiff but after I left I watched my fellow peers get paid 12 and hour for the same job. If you are a client or potential client you should be well aware of how your product/company will be represented. Apple should want to have people who care as much as steve jobs but it is more like drugged out fools handling their calls. GOOD LUCK TO ALL WHO TRY AT trg. YOU WILL NEED IT.

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  • Sn
    SNOOPIE Jul 17, 2011

    This company is a collective of uneducated and desperate losers of Venango county & whoever has hit rock bottom. Most of their managers went to Camp Hill penitentiary and no one else will have them. One of the managers promotes violence at the work place and will be most likely arrested soon by Oil City police. TRG/REESE/GARBAGE- What ever their new label, they will always struggle with acceptance and moral value. Avoid God's dumpster if you can! LOL!

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  • Pi
    PissatTRG Apr 30, 2011

    Bad bad company to work for. They promise you anything to get you in the door and do not promote within at all. They give no raise at all. Their benefits are crap, if you get a cold your insurance might as well not even have. The management will "throw you under the bus" as they call it any chance they get to save theirself. They have no respect for people at all. I wish I would have found this site before I had started with them, biggest mistake of my life!

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  • Hm
    HMSC Feb 14, 2011

    I'm just looking for input about TRG. TRG overpaid my 1st mortgages by $4, 200 +. TRG was slipshod to say the least. Since when should a closing company say "close enough" when they're handing out your money.The overage was sent to the Seller as an escrow balance. I am traveling to NJ from NC to sue them in Special Claims court. The case is thursday February 17, 2011.. 9 am 49 Rancocas Rd, Mount Holly courtroom #2 in the county administration building. My name is Hedy Schwandner Cirrincione. I would appreciate some support and I will assist any and all of you in starting Class-Action Law Suits and/or Whistleblower cases against this company. Donna Purkins worked for TRG and handled my account, she's no longer working for TRG. Donna, if you're out there, I could use some help! If anyone wants to contact me, my # is [protected]. Wish me luck in court or come and support me. Maybe we can help each other. Thanks, Hedy

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  • Do
    dont work @ trg Feb 10, 2011

    I [censor]in hate trg they screw up pay checks and you do not get the hours promissed. The work enviroment is ghetto. Managers actin like kids throwing paper balls across the sales floor yelling, screaming, and running across the sales floor. The floor manager swears at the team mangers in front of the phone reps. They hire people that are convicted felons that can't speak proper english. People smoke weed and drink in the parking lot including management. They owe me 30 hrs of pay. I have not seen a 80 hr pay check in 6 months of being there due to leads running out or issues with the systems. DON'T WORK FOR TRG. They will tell you many lies to get you to work for them. Also they have a habit of giving you a start date then call you the day before and tell you that you will have a new start date which for me was a month later.

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  • Tr
    trgpimp Dec 06, 2010

    TRG is the worse company i ever work 4 i lied 2 customer & and made big money that is the way they teach in the d2d side any way.My supervisor made sure they didn't pay worker who left and had money coming to them.I hate 2 say it but i was one of those supervisor they will cheat you out your money so fast you wont know what happend. The good news they shut down all there D2D sale force all over the country

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  • Wr
    Wrong3 Nov 20, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I worked for TRG for there Verizon Campaign in Manhattan. It was life a changing experience and I've learned so much. I say this because they literally preyed on low income underprivileged youth and asked us to wear a suit and made us feel more important that a McDonald's employee. But it wasn't honest work. While I was training I was taught to lie essentially. They're things we just wouldn't tell "Mr. Customer." Don't get me wrong the money was good because I was a stellar employee. Came to work on time, got my 2 apps a day. Made my bonuses. But even after I left I would get calls from customers who found out I was being dishonest. It was tough because I didn't realize I was being dishonest until that first call. I literally went to customer's shop to check out there Verizon bill and was shocked at what I saw. I, in fact, felt deceived. But, what could I do. I knew only as much about the product as they taught me.

    I work in Sales for another telecommunications company selling circuits and phone system. And it is incredibly gratifying. Money is just as good. There are good sales jobs out there don't believe for a second that this is the only thing for you.

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  • St
    steelersfan4life Nov 11, 2010

    i had a interview at that hell hole today. i said the hell with it and didn't show up for the interview. the human resourses person has called me several times since i didn't show up. guess this company is desperate for employees to screw over

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  • Pa
    Patriot777 Nov 09, 2010

    TRG Field solutions is not a good representation of how to run a sales organization. The entire organization works on the principal of taking people in, using them and spitting them out. The corporate culture is that of steel from the people around you and beneth you when ever and how ever you can.
    changing the pay grid every time someone starts to make money
    expecting 15 to 18 hr work days from sales people
    unexplained and unverifiable holdbacks, charge backs, salary erery pay period (please keep in mind I mean every pay period and every pay check, even when you attempt to verify and correct the issue you will be deemed a trouble maker for doing the right thing for yourself or the people who work around you)
    promotions and responsibility without any pay or resources to perform
    zero budget to run an office and it is expected to pay office expence out of your own pocket, sales people not getting paid for gas, milage or wadges
    cell phones being turned off constantly for lack of payment
    Office phones, fed ex, copier service, building office space being shut down for lack of payment by TRG
    Territories and leads given to lead theives from other areas
    promotional monies from Verizon being squandered
    Bonuses not being paid out or held back for 6 months in the hopes the person will quit
    sales contests are proclaimed and the sales awards are not paid out, ie event tickets, gas cards, computer
    gas cards being given out as awards for sales and the gas cards have a zero balance
    Paychecks are never correct
    Did I metion money being held back indiscriminately ( every pay period)
    The mentality of TRG comes from the top person in charge, it is not a company that appreciates hard work and productive people.
    It is the pinacle of a churn and burn operation
    It is amazing that Verizon does business with these people, if Verizon were smart they would remove TRG from their campaign

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  • Oh
    OhWowSeriously Sep 30, 2010

    To the person who posted with Donna S. phone and email info. Obviously if you have that information you are in a position with the company in which you are entrusted with that info. Instead of getting mad about folks coming here to vent their complaints. Look at them with an open mind, and see if you can help change some of the perception of those left in your center.

    I also work for TRG but in a different center for a completely different client. I would never post information like you have. You just prove the point of all those complaining here about the lack of professionalism in your centers. Take the complaints and instead of simply dismissing them; look at them with an open and objective mind. There is always room for improvement.

    Yes it is true many of our campaigns have very stringent policies in regards to metrics, headcount, sales and what not. However, just like you would teach your agents how to position the bad news to customer. You too must also do the same with your agents. Remember without those agents on the phones, you don't have a job, and this company doesn't make money. Too many people in management in this company forget that, and I don't necessarily blame local management as much as corporate, and beyond that the board who truly DICTATES the direction of this company.

    With all that said, I'd like to say thank to all those who have made complaints here, as I will use them only to improve. Although, I would however suggest those who have "REAL" payroll complaints take it to your local labor boards. There are laws in place that do protect you both on a federal and state level. Just a suggestion.

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  • To
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    TO ALL TRG EMPLOYEES WHO WORK FOR BNYM. STOP BLAMING TRG. trg is only doing what the client BNYM tells US if you want to complain contact Donna Sorrentino work# [protected], cell# [protected] or email [email protected] STOP BLAMING US!!! WE ARE ONLY DOING WHAT IS TOLD.

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  • Ks
    ksc1 Aug 31, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    wow!! this is very interesting. I worked for TRG but on the sales floor, I was the person who validated d2d sales. I had no idea the d2d people had this many issues to deal with. That is crazy. ohh and PS I nolonger work there... the pay increases.lies, and all they practically took away breaks for part time ppl. To much going on..

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  • The person before me is probably a dork from HSI and will be really surprised when Frontier yanks their HSI campaign and, obviously, his job. Let's see how great the company is then.

    Let's see...the supervisors have no real education in the field. While I will admit that they have knowledge in the product, their knowledge doesn't go beyond the product. Any direct computer-related issue leaves them dumbfounded, and I'm glad to have a vast computer background to actually complete the task at hand. I'm not a supervisor because I openly tell them that I hate the policies, the employees, the day to day operations, but I'm there for the money. Now that I'm in college again, this will probably change in the near future.

    They recently started another batch of trainees for FIOS at the Charleston center with, reportedly, the idea to "clean house" on FIOS. I find that presumption hilarious because they can't keep anyone over there. Week by week, we lose a person here, a person there, and then our head count is horrible. They are offering us $10 extra per hour to stay, but we refuse. We hate the place that much. Money isn't everything to us, and some of the administrative members can't seem to grasp that.

    Speaking of money, one supervisor admitted that TRG was being audited by the federal government when it came to pay. He didn't say much more than that, but I'm assuming that they were audited for constantly [censor]ing with checks. I'm looking for another job in case this [censor]hole is finally shut down by the feds.

    All of the other negative things that you heard are 100% true. They will screw your checks over, they will force you to clock out for bathroom breaks, and they will punish you for attendance on matter what. One man became very ill and missed months, came back after recovering and losing over 50 pounds, and was still written up. Their care for the employee is little to none. You're nothing but a figure to them, and you're either stupid or new to the work world if you think otherwise.

    Advancement basically doesn't exist there. Sure, you can become a supervisor and maybe pull in 30k a year, but if that's your goal in life, then you don't think much of yourself. High five figures and low six figures don't exist at TRG, and they will fire anyone at any rank for any reason if it suits their goals.

    My recommendation is go to school, get a degree, and don't look back. Wasting your time at somewhere like this is a fine example that you don't think much of yourself as an achiever.

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  • No
    nocomplaints Jul 29, 2010

    I currently work for TRG and I have no complaints whatsoever. I've only been there a month, but my experience has been nothing less then excellent. I work on a support team, so there is nothing to sell. My job is to help inbound callers set up and fix issues with their internet accounts. I was on the phone for 3 days before being moved to the chat portion of the program. After 3 days of chat, I was asked to walk the floor and assist the other reps, 70% of whom had been there longer than me. I'm currently up for a supervisor position after only 8 days out of training. The supervisors are good to me, and the other agents are gracious that they have a floor walker who will stay calm and help them learn rather yell and get frustrated. I have no idea what goes on in the sales floor, but the support teams are wonderful. We have about 50 reps on the evening shift, along with 3-5 supervisors and 5-6 floor walkers. That's a rep-to-helper ratio of about 5:1 at any given time. Truthfully, if you are lucky enough to get into a campaign that is not sales-based and you are even a relatively quick learner, you should have no problems with the company. HR has been helpful, and everyone in the building is nice. If you take your training seriously and you are good at your job, TRG is a great place to work. At my location, the only people who have complaints are those who didn't pay attention in training, those who don't want to work, and those who just can't grasp the purpose of their jobs. Be good to the company and the company will be good to you.

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  • Fe
    FEDUPINBECKLEY Jul 02, 2010

    I currently work in Beckley and that place is [censor]ed up. All the supervisors are stupid. They do nt promote from within. They lie on a daily basis, and you had better not call them on it. If you don't kiss [censor] or have your head up the supervisors [censor], and hollys [censor] is so big you might not find your way out, so watch out, then you won't have a job long. I would give direct examples but they would figure out who I am so I can't at the moment. But most of all they are a bunch of racists. For sure they just got rid os a black supervisor simply because they didnt like a black man that was smarter than they. I could write a book but Im afraid they would burn crosses in my yard for it. DONT COME TO WORK HERE IF YOU CAN HELP IT. Oh and one person that had a mild heart attack was told if he left work to see a heart specialist he would be wrote up. Go [censor]ing figure

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  • An
    AnonTRG Jun 28, 2010

    I will give you the run down of this company. People come on here to badger and complain. Yes, quite frankly alot of the rumors and accusations are for the most part true, but bad news spreads faster then good news. Here is my experience and opinion about the company.

    The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly. First, i have been working for TRG for about a year and a half. Its sad that im considered a veteran since there is only one person left from my original training class and he is leaving in two months. The turnover rate is very bad. What people forget is we are a company working for a company. We not only have to appease our contractor, but TRG itself. Any opinions, problems, complains, issues, concerning bonus, pay, hours, are either with a smile and a handshake, and no worth while outcome is ever achieved. Staff and supervisors use their own skills to bash you down back into line. Also keep in mind they are pulling you off the street and investing their training into you and paying you alot more then McDonalds. At the end of they day it gives them an ego to do whatever they want to you. I am stuck at the starting wage due to wages being forzen the moment i started there. I sell often times 2 to 3 times better then some reps with two years on me. Yet at the end of the day im still making base wage.

    The good is you do gain alot of skill doing these jobs, and after you get this experience you can easily move into a union call center for any other company and make 12-15 dollars an hour. My supervisor one of the few good ones, makes sure my hours are correct. Our "bay" is very outgoing and we always look out for each other and answer questions to help everyone out. At the end of they day they give you a means to live better then if u walked into any fast food or minimum wage job at that. For this i am thankful for. If you work well with people, have the gift of gab and are very quick tongued and good with articulating the words that you speak, u can go far in this job. Lastly Bonus has been back for a while and is achievable if you try your hardest. The bonus tiers are modest and although scrutinized, are better than no bonus.

    The Bad, they often times enjoy changing their minds about schedules, procedure, and rules about every day. Again leading back to the company working for a company analogy, they must appease their contractor. If that requires staff staying an extra hour, or leaving an hour early, they wont hesitate to do so. I wont speak much on the frozen pay rates as it explains itself. Often times good people are fired for no reason, and people who do nothing are kept on. You can have years and years on that company yet one slip up and they will shoot you out the door faster then a one day old trainee. They expect 100% compliance on all calls, say "its a piece of paper read it its simple." Yet they forget repetition is the father of insanity. Sure the concept is simple but we are human beings. If someone makes a constant bad mistake and perpetuates it with bad sales and even more mistakes then yes theres something wrong. But if a veteran rep reads something wrong, or forgets to offer, or adds a word to a legal disclaimer like the or and by mistake, this is not something punishable by job threats and snoody treatment supplemented with papers they make you sign threatening your job. It should be a heres what you did, i no u can do better, just make sure you do it from now on please. Every time your supervisor calls you over to his desk randomly its like you have to expect the worst.

    The Ugly, this can only be explained by examples. TRG held our paychecks right before christmas to "change the pay cycle". In reality they did this so they could post higher quarterly profits and a crew interest in the bank from our payroll. You are pretty much not paid for any time not sitting on the phone aside from your 20 min of break you get a day. They expect you to go to the bathroom and either use your break or not get paid. This, in itself, should be illegal. There is a drug ring that is always around in the office. This most likely coming from hiring off the street. It doesent bother me because generally they are not asking you to buy drugs, just have a close knit group that deals between each other. And often times they sell better then most straight individuals. This reason being why the drug rings are in the office and random drug tests are only done when someone complains about it. If you are sick or there is an emergency your vacation time is sucked away and even people with doctors excuses who have sterling attendance will be fired if they find it suitable to their profit margin or head count in general.

    Despite all of this, id have to say i dont regret being hired by TRG. Nor do i place any particular blame on any staff directly. I am good at what i do, they cut me a check, and i am overall ok with it. If i get the chance to fight for a better tomorrow for us i would, but i wont be the one to start the revolution or lawsuit.

    If you are considering the job, and are on the fence, just do it and see if it fits you. If it fits then try your best and hope lady luck is on your side. If you absolutely cant stand it then just leave. Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained.

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  • Im
    imc440 Jun 24, 2010

    Guys, door to door with straight commission is pure crap. Real sales jobs offer a base salary. You are being used. It's not a scam in that you aren't lied to about what is going to happen, but it's not a good deal for the worker. There are better sales jobs out there.

    Anytime somebody tells you "You get x amount of sales and then you train a person. You train x amount of people and you get made ____, etc." you should probably get out and go somewhere else. The rate of people who actually achieve these goals is microscopic. It can be done but I'd bet less than 10% manage to.

    I'm not hating on it. If you still want to do it, go ahead. But it's nowhere near as workable as it's made out to be.

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  • Dv
    dvorah Mar 16, 2010

    was wrongful terminated and now i am filing suit against the company

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  • El
    ellesloyal Feb 21, 2010

    I work @ TRG for BNYMellon as a Customer Service Rep. I work my butt off. I was promised a Supervisor promotion if I sleep with the director. I declined so bye bye promotion for Me even though I was more qualified and have more Management Experience. The Chic that got the promotion is known to have a relationship with a Supervisor who use to work @ BNYMellon. It is sad that you have to sleep with Management to get ahead in this Company.

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  • De
    desti4u Feb 10, 2010

    100 People statrted with Me in August now there is less than 40 People from My Training Class. The Human Resource lady is very fake and a liar.

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  • De
    desti4u Feb 10, 2010

    TRG is by far the WORST Company I have ever work for. I work in the Customer Service Center for BNYMellon Shareholder Services. This Campaign may pay a little more than their other Campaigns within TRG but is not worth it. Most of the City of Pittsburgh and Findlay Township is in a State of an Emergency and we were still required to come into work. If you do not come into work you will be written up if you have no PTO.

    This company needs robots not People. We went 3 weeks without getting paid with only a few days notice that the Pay date was changing because they were supposely setting up direct deposit but we still have no direct depost and we are not getting direct deposit until 3/15. Our benefits are very expensive and very hard to find a doctor that takes them (Alta health) We were promised Blue Cross and Blue Sheild, no paid Holidays, no 401K matching until after 1 year, We are constantly sent home early haven't seen a 80 hour check in a few months.

    They are always finding excuses to not give our bonuses attendance bonus if you are one minute late on a break, lunck, or coming in just one time you are excluded from receiving your 50 cent bonus FOR THE WHOLE PAY PERIOD, monitors are ### because they always claim you did well but BNYMELLON monitored you and you scored low. You don't get to listen to your calls so you have to try to remember your calls. They are always messing up our hours.
    They will write you up for every little thing. I advised then of a doctors appointment I had 30 days in advance and they scheduled Me off and I gave them a doctors note upon my return and they still wrote Me up because I had no PTO. PTO is accurred the 1 day of the month after you complete 90 days of Employment it takes 2 months of working 40 hours per week to earn one day. Crazy!!
    The Shifts are crazy they ask you for suggestion but do not consider them.

    Alot People were promised a promotion to Supervisor who had alot of experience but a Chic with less experience who is sleeping with the Director (both are Married with Kids) got the position. He was always rubbing her legs in training. A Supervisor has slept with 2 Women and is constantly flirting Me and other Employees and is always asking for money. If you are into tricking than this is the place for you.
    I am not telling anyone to turn down work because work is hard to come these days but if you have a choice don't do TRG, if you are on Section 8, Unemployment, or any Assistance keep looking (No Security) or don't quit your current job for this crap.

    1 Votes
  • Le
    Legal Opprotunist Jan 22, 2010

    Hey Tim- since you want to be defensive, why don't you explain the fact that TRG has changed the pay periods twice within a three month span. Or, why don't you try explaining- better yet defending, the fact that the Human Resources Department is so full of ###- they don't provide employment references- verification, and good luck getting any documentation.

    Joseph's an idiot- I'm not even going to respond to his dumb-### post (all those grammatical errors-IDIOT)!

    As for "A player"- A for "###" kissing player? I have never worked for a company that does everything in their power to make people unhappy- TRG is a played out "autocratic" system, with high velocity sales- and cultivates its employees in an uncompensated environment- which is managed by undereducated- social rejects, with little or no no moral culpability -SWALLOW THAT ### HEADS...If you work for this company- get some friends together, and try filing a class action...They owe you money and you just don't know it!

    4 Votes
  • Fr
    Frank67 Jan 11, 2010

    TRG is a horrible company to work for. I can not list how many ###ed up things go on with this company. The management lies to you and tricks you. Problems with this company go all the way up the chain.

    Our entire office was closed down and they fired everyone. Then when we filed for unemployment, they said that we all quit and lied and said we were not fired at all and every single one of us had to fight just to get our unemployment.

    TRG = Bad News

    2 Votes
  • Da
    dave mechling Jan 06, 2010

    I worked there for a couple of months and they could never get an order straight. I was told I would get payed expenses for training I'm still waiting for a check 4 months later. If I'm not payed in the next 48 hours I intend to call Verizon and Frontier Communications to let them know what TRG Solutions is really like.

    2 Votes
  • Do
    dontbeatrgishater Dec 11, 2009

    Just don't work for TRGIS, TRGCS, or what ever they will call themselves in the future. If you do, and you have read some of the posts regarding them...well you deserve it. I worked for them a long time and in my opinion, they are a messed up organization. My only regret was staying as long as I did. I can recall my boss being a real ### and sleeping with the younger sales staff on a consistent basis. oh yea he is married by the way with kids. I quit a long time ago and have moved to a healthier work environment . They will eventfully get what is coming to them and they will have done it all themselves. Merry Christmas TRG?IS, TRGCS, Happy New Year...:>

    1 Votes
  • Vk
    VKNG Nov 29, 2009

    The practices are only as bad as the managers and supervisors are. If you have a supervisor that fights for you and your paycheck, you wont have a bad one. Oh and if you lay off the drugs closing sales is easy. Must layoffs are the uneducated, unmotivated, or stoned. Just like any company there are some shady practices but i was there for 3 months, worked like crazy and made crazy money. quit complaining because you cant close.

    -1 Votes
  • Ja
    Jackaaaaa1232 Nov 26, 2009

    [protected] f'ing number kept calling my cell phone then when i got it some Paki [email protected]#[email protected] a$$hole answered I said hello and they asked for my [email protected]@@ Name which I had never given out and hung up before I could say yes. [email protected]@@ THIS STUPID ### Im gona end up pressing charges against this website

    0 Votes
  • Pi
    Pizzzoff Oct 20, 2009

    TRG is a trap! During training they had me hyped up to believe that this company provided benefits, growth and opportunities. I work in the Door to Door department, and everything from management, to customer service is poor, unethical, and unprofessional. 5 REASONS THIS COMPANY SHOULD BE SUED:

    3 Votes
  • Qu
    queenloulou Oct 15, 2009

    are you serious I use to work for TRG, they are scam and I was a hard worker and worked my behind off. In at 7:30 out at 7:30pm. It was difficult working and not getting paid. I mean for all those months I put in and I don't have anything to show for it.

    0 Votes
  • Tr
    TRG "A" Player Sep 01, 2009

    It's sad to know that there are so many disgruntled people with nothing better to do than to spread false rumors. Take some responsibility, YOU signed off on straight commission, YOU made the decision to work the hours, YOU made the decision not to sell, WHY don't YOU own up to you failing because you could not sell! WE have real players here, these guys make over $1500 + weekly, we do not hold any checks, if you were not paid commission it is probably because you had no commissions coming to you for lack of sales. This opportunity is not easy you actually have to work, in fact nothing comes easy, you can't sit back and expect money to fall on your lap, you have to work for it and we expect you to do just that.

    I have been with TRG over a year, as a matter of fact, I am the one that brings in most of our "A Players" to our company. I am very honest and would never ever mislead anyone, let alone make someone take a job they don't want! We are very selective in whom we bring to work for us, but obviously there are some that fall through the cracks.

    Why would you ever listen to someone stating that we are Fraud but yet is still working for us, that has to tell you the character of some people. I work for TRG knowing that it's a representation of myself, never would I jeopardize my credibility representing a company that is dishonest.

    NO company regardless of success, size etc. can make every employee happy, there will always be the "disgruntled", "slacker", "c player" etc. employee!

    For those that are considering working for a company that does value their employees, and offers growth opportunities across the US. Please before assuming, call us, I assure you we will give you FACTS about our company.

    ** BEFORE replying and attacking my email, please make sure you are stating facts and not making false statements. Most people that are truly mistreated don't go talking about it they actually take action and it's not by spreading rumors. Instead of trying to build a group of disgruntled people, build a group of "how to overcome anger".

    -1 Votes
  • Ti
    TIM May 27, 2009


    0 Votes
  • Da
    David May 27, 2009

    I was just released on a lay off with this company after they have swindled me out of over $600 dollars of my commision check. It has been over 3 months since the pay discrepancy happened and I have yet to see this money. I am at a loss because now I cannot afford an attorney without my job and no one seems to want to give me the money owed to me. They have consistently dropped number on my pay checks such as 0's and never recompensated me.

    3 Votes

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