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Plus Complaints & Reviews / package never shipped out

Oct 13, 2017

No, just no. Stay away. I placed an order on September 25th and paid $17.99 for expedited shipping (3-7 days), and today is October 13th (almost 3 weeks has gone by) and the package HAS NOT EVEN BEEN SHIPPED OUT. So apparently, the total delivery time = processing time + shipping time, and... / fake sizing charts

Oct 13, 2017

Fake sizing charts. Misleading information. I wear the full M size. I used your charts for ordering a dress. When it arrived and I tried it, it was as small as if it was made for a mouse. It's the XXXS size, not the M. Tell me, is it always like that or is it my so lucky? I also want to... / I want my money back!!!

Sep 15, 2017

I bought a dress in the S size that was definitely in stock and was charged for that. On the next day, I got an email from them with information about my order, like it was out of stock (even though by the moment of my order it was not). They said they would refund everything. Soooo now it'... / product out of stock need an exchange

Jul 30, 2017

G1707142236118290 ordered on the 14/7/2017, this item is finished or as was claimed that you are not selling it no more, i requested an exchange in my letter i explained exactly what i wanted instead i am not sure if i am comfortable with the response i received, i am so confused can some... / I am complaining about everything I purchase from trendsgal

Jul 07, 2017

First, I want to run it by you to see if you can resolve the issue that I'm having with trendsgal. If you can't resolve it. I will take it to the next level. I have been doing business with them for quite sometimes and I am tired of being ripped off. I have placed many orders with them and... / my order

May 06, 2017

I didn't receive all my idems so when will I ? And I received the wrong size jeans I'm so unsatisfied with my order ... When will I receive my hat, shoes, sandals ? Or my money back I paid $100 for my idems and only received $39.00 worth how can I contact them and or will my issue bre...

[Resolved] / undelivered item

Apr 23, 2017

I ordered an item more than a month ago and am yet to receive it. Emails to them on 4/4/17 initially said "shipping date: march 20, 2017 05:50:45, estimated delivery time: 15-30 business days", and now they stretch delivery to 2 months??? What a scam business this!! If not extending... / total nightmare

Apr 21, 2017

Decided to order something from Trendsgal, that was my first time buying from them. Unfortunately whole experience was a total nightmare and I'm not impressed with them. After I paid I received a notification message from them stating that they received my money. For about a week there wa... / g1703240011594707

Apr 04, 2017

I am reading so much review on transgal and am convinced that this place is a scam should be reported promptly. Please before others fall into this. I purchased clothing and pocket books. Money was deducted from my account. I tried unsuccessfully on line and by telephone for update and... / order g1612281539334334, never received, no answers, no refund.

Feb 10, 2017

I placed order back in December 2016, is now February 10, 2017 and no order received. I request status of order, received several messages that this was send and that it could take around 30 days. Is been over 40 days and no order. I have been sending e-mails to demand a refund and have... / they took my money and didn't deliver my order

Feb 10, 2017

I believe Trendsgal to be a scam, they took my money and didn't deliver my order. I bought two tops from them back in November and didn't receive them yet. Customer service does not reply to my messages and they didn't give me a tracking number so there is no way to find out my order... / ill fitted clothes selling at inappropriate sizes with overpriced shipping

Feb 04, 2017

the clothes were cheaply made and seeing how they didn't fit I gave them all to red cross. I would think that you would take pride in the work you do but apparently it doesn't matter how poorly your items are made or shipped. I will however make sure everyone I know doesn't purchase from you... / my command!!

Jan 24, 2017

A friend of my told me about your web site and how good you were so I came to see on my own.But on the first command i pass appears to be problemes already so do something and fast.Because with this incidents how do you want mE to extend good news of you to my broad friendship zone!? Here lie... / mermaid blankets

Dec 23, 2016

I ordered 3 mermaid tail blankets on dec. 16th. I paid for expedited shipping. Now they are saying I won't get my package until dec. 28th and when I talked to fedex they stated that the sender selected the slower less expensive shipping!!! How can you select what shipping you want when I... / unauthorized credit card charges and did not get orders

Dec 22, 2016

11/29 shipping no. [protected] $3023 12/30" " [protected] $2722 12/15 " " [protected] $59 42 12/14 " " [protected] $4605 12/15 " " [protected] $4690 12 /15 " " [protected] $3396 when ordering the site never said done or ordered so mistakenly reordered again and again apparently. they are... / order 7/12/2015 not delivered

Dec 22, 2016

Hi I ordered 3 mermaid blankets on the 7/12/2016 and these have still not been received. I have contacted trendsgal and they keep referring me to yodel to track my parcel. Yodel have not revived my parcel so it can't be tracked. This has ruined some christmas presents. I will not be... / missing items. gg1611282214186960

Dec 14, 2016

i ordered 12 items on 29/11/2016, items arrived 15/12/2016 with 3 items missing(2 skinny black trousers and 1 baseball hoodie jacket). this is unacceptable you people please get things right at least for once. The qualities of items delivered are far cry from what customers expect and the... / 4 mermaid blankets

Dec 04, 2016

Hello, Please can you clarify why I have been advised of 3 different payments for my recent transaction: G1612040519289820. After signing up (as prompted), I was awarded a 10% promo code: qffuykrm, which I naturally used towards my order. Therefore the final cost without promo, was £44.28... / shipping scam

Nov 17, 2016

Never pay for expedited or priority shipping, they will still send the items regular mail and pocket the money. They will claim that there may be an issue at customs and ask for more money if you want it "faster" so they can ship it through DHL - even though you've already paid for the... / clothing order

Sep 17, 2016

I placed an order for clothes on September 3rd with a company I thought was US based. I received an initial email with tracking information saying the clothes were shipping from Jamestown NY. After three weeks I started wondering where my clothes were and they kept giving me bogus tracking... / saying I didn't pay for an order when I did!

Jul 29, 2016

I placed an order for a bathing suit a few days ago for $16.84. I even paid extra for quicker shipping. They keep saying that they have not received my payment, even though I sent them a screenshot of the transaction for the amount they charged me having been taken out if my checking account. / not all of my orders arrived and they were of very low quality

Jun 16, 2016

I made my order with Trendsgal last June 7, 2016 and paid P 8618.35. I ordered 24 dresses for me and my daughter thinking that since they were very nice and of high quality as they were so nice in the pictures. June 17, 2016, a courier came and asked me to pay P1, 500 for customs duties. I... / they stole my money or any other person stole my money on this website

Jun 16, 2016

Trendsgal.comIm not order any thing or not place any order $178.28 deduct from my bank visa card on this company website. Visa card no: xxxxxxxxxxx2377 And company have not any contact number Where we/i call Im helpless Please help me / all around awful

May 24, 2016

I ordered 6 pairs of pants and 5 out of the 6 were damaged. All damaged items received have a discoloration and stain marks on each pair . The sawing is awful with extra strings and thread hanging off through out each pair as well. I have been trying to contact this company for a long time... / I never received it!

May 02, 2016

Over a month ago, I ordered a SteamPunk corset for a party I was attending. The corset did not arrive in time, so I had to find something else. When I contacted TrendsGal, they first informed me that it HAD been delivered, in an email that was a little bit snarky. I wrote them back and...

TrendsGal / products not received

Apr 23, 2016

First time getting a debit card. Like any other person excited to do online shopping. Making this website my first option to do so. Spent over $150 and was only sent half my items. When I looked at how much it was going to cost it said $103 then when it approved I checked my account and... / order never arrived

Mar 16, 2016

I have ordered three dresses from in early February and paid some extra money for fast shipping. They promised to deliver my things within 5 days and it is now mid March and still nothing! I contacted customer service through email numerous times and never received a... / fraudulent company!

Mar 16, 2016

I am extremely disappointed! I made my order about two weeks ago and never received a confirmation email. I also cannot log into my account! First I tried to reset my password and their website said that there were no users with such email address! Then I called them, but no one answered...

TrendsGal / website membership

Mar 15, 2016

I have order. This Vip Membership paid for it and have not been able to use it at all for my online store now that i see so many Complaints about this company i see why i didnt order. Let alone. For 3 wks i could not get anyone on the phone let alone couldn't find a number. Well after i... / online ordering

Mar 09, 2016

March 9th 2016 11:30om I had the worst experience with trendsgal this company and will not refer anyone to this website. I ordered 1 week ago and understand shipping takes 5-10 business days which is fine. I call and speak to a male representive who did not speak English well and he wanted... / horrible product do not waste your money

Mar 06, 2016

I received the product within about a week of placing my order. Upon receiving it, I realized the huge mistake I made in ordering from trendsgal. First of all, the 'quality' was laughable. Their product was horribly misrepresented on their website. You wind up getting a cheap, chincey... / terrible clothes

Mar 02, 2016

When I found TrendsGal website and saw all the cute clothes I immediately placed an order. Well, so many cute things and so cheap prices were too good to be true. I also paid extra money for the expedited shipping and it still took them over a month to deliver. Things I received were of a... / ridiculous!!

Mar 01, 2016

I made an order in early January and was promised to receive the dress I ordered in 7-14 business days. It is now March and still nothing! This company is absolutely terrible and dishonest! I sent them many messages for the past two months and never received a reply! These people are...

TrendsGal / absolutely terrible!

Mar 01, 2016

I will never order anything from TrendsGal again! I've purchased a dress from them and was very excited about my purchase, until it arrived. And the worst part was that they charged more than they were supposed to! The dress I received was rubbish and very poorly made, it looked like a... / thieves!

Feb 29, 2016

I accidentally found TrendsGal website and decided to give it a try. But that was the biggest mistake I've ever made. I made an order in early January and received nothing yet. Today is the last day of February and still nothing. I tried to contact them many times but never received a... / never again!

Feb 26, 2016

For several weeks now I have been trying to reach someone from TrendsGal. I ordered some items from their website and it took them almost a month to deliver my order. When it finally arrived several items were missing. All I got from theme were computer generated responses that made no... / i'm very disappointed!

Feb 25, 2016

I am trying to figure out why my stuff has never arrived. I ordered some items from TrendsGal about three weeks ago and received no tracking number yet. I contacted their customer service many times and asked about the status of my order, but there was no response. I am so furious at thi... / business practices are not trustworthy

Feb 24, 2016

I have copied and pasted below is Trendsgal Customer Service Email issuing me a refund that they never paid. The items sent to me were broken and poorly packed by Trendsgal. I followed customer service instructions by sending photos to prove items were destroyed. The clothing items are... / awful

Feb 22, 2016

I purchased some clothes from TrendsGal and paid over $100! I made my order back in December and it is now late February and received nothing yet. I'm so angry and disappointed. I contacted them many times, have sent several tickets! My order is still processing and I have no idea when it... / I just ordered over 200$s in merchandise, why did my subtotal end up over 300$.. and can't be that much for shipping???

Feb 22, 2016

I just want the shipping rate lower, cause i love the clothes, but that is way to much for the shipping! I would love to got my order.. but is there any way you could lower the shipping rate and help me out! Please, and i plan on doing alto more business with you! Just please try and drop...