Toyota Motor Corporationoil change matter

H Dec 18, 2019

I lease my car from Toyota, and suppose have oil change every 10000, when I came 19999 the officer tell me I don't need to change my oil, and wait until 25000, and after I come back over 26000 they told me to pay for oil change 75$ it because over than 25000, nobody explain this to me before, and the, service advisor Robert Silva insist me that is the rule, he call manager, the manager name Mike nightingale, I dont why they make face rude, it show me that I am wrong, and seem mocking me that I just want free service that manner it's really bad, and they keep argue me have to pay, they didn't explain it when I change oil at 19999, and they advise me to wait until 25000 and now they try to charge me and to do appointment they need to wait until a month, client number 139545 invoice 546491, I just want they refund my money, because I suppose got oil change before, and they adv ask me to wait till 25000 and now they try to charge me

Toyota Motor Corporation

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