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I am writing to you about two companies that are nigerian scammers... One is [protected] and curtiz morgan loan firm... Both companies have white men as their profile!!! But they are nigerian... They do this to scam people... I applied for a loan with both fraudulent companies only to be lied to time and time again regarding fees and before each payment I would be promised I was receiving the loan after this!!!
I received nothing only to be lied to constantly by both scamming companies... They are liars absolute liars and thieves... After 10 months of payments and lie after lie after lie of receiving a loan I cancelled... Only to have death threats by both companies one saying they were doing the death roll for me... And the other curtiz morgan loan firm saying I had 5 days to live!!!
What type of people are you letting advertise on your site??? Scammers and thieves you should do company checks on everyone this is so wrong they are still advertising on here to scam and hurt other people!!!
I have contacted fbi and fraud police regarding the death threats for both scamming companies. These scammers should be in jail not advertising their fraudulent business on line only to suck people dry of their money and give people false hope!!! I lost my home and more through loosing my money through these fraudulent scammers!!! Please do something I have all documentation to show death threats ect.

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