Topixinconsistencies and wrongful censorship


I am one of those freaks who reads topix forums for personal entertainment. I occasionally and randomly post, with the intent to educate the readers, make some humor, or to cause others to think deeper, especially on the more "trashy" often defamatory threads, or i post some personal experiences relevant to the topic @hand. I follow the terms of service, avoid profanity, and don't lie. I have also, once, on a particularly polarizing and controversial thread, after posting what i see&know, asked if anybody could cite the particular laws or if anybody knew the local statutes on the issues. In all of these, in multiple cities on multiple topics, my posts are deleted. I even asked once if "ghosting" postings was real, as this seems to happen to me frequently, which was also promptly removed from the website. The censorship seems arbitrary and unfair. People can go on for years on topix about hearsay about people's supposed misdeeds, whether true or fictitious. But if you tell the truth, or ask for a lawful reference in regards to an ongoing thread, or proclaim that you are for freedom and equality and truth, then the mods will delete your posts. It just happened again today, i went back to a thread i had spoken on last week, and realizing my post had again been taken off, when i had done nothing but state what i knew and had seen, used no profanity, encouraged readers to google some particular facts of public record if they didn't believe me. Well, i then made another post, on that thread, decrying their inconsistent and seemingly unfair censorship.And stated that I have a life, this happens too frequently and I am not going to try to redo my comments every time this happens. And closed with something to the effect of, happy new year to all you who are for freedom and equality. To all you who censor truth, shame on you. And guess what, in less than five minutes it was removed, again.

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