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T Jan 21, 2019

Over the years, many ignorant, bored with no obvious direction, uneducated, opinionated, jealous, manipulative, and maniacal couch potatoes have been legally able to post any type of slander about anyone they choose, anonymously, from the comfort of their own lazy-boy. The shocking part, it was legal? There were several posts that I had my lawyer look into which were a complete fantasy, which resulted in the defamation of my character. Did I forget to mention the impact it on my family, my children, and the misconceptions that it instilled in my employers, church members, friends, local law enforcement? I am absolutely ashamed of my ex-hometown, connersville. Topix discussion forum was the catalyst to invoke the use of manipulation, hatred, ignorance, and anonymous bullying! This is the type of thing that causes people to commit suicide and murder. Someone please explain how this went on for so many years unnoticed? I want to personally, face-to-face, shake the hand and cordially thank whoever took this rubbish off of the internet before my children were of the age to be susceptible to this trash. Thank you! Topix, as for whoever was behind the creation of discussion forums, all I can do is shake my head and walk on. People like you do not deserve a gaze in your direction. "haters did not make me famous!" they only made me "hated on" even worse. You should be ashamed, topix, not me.

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