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First of all, it might help if I give you a case number which I received when I first called to complain about this company. The number is [protected]. It concerns an item that I ordered and paid for on March 28th, 2009. I specified delivery for the 1st of May as we needed the dress by the 10th of May. I e mailed the company on May 2nd and inquired where the dress was. To make a long story short, I emailed at least 7 or 8 times, and tried to call three times, with no answer. I finally received a number of emails saying the dress was made in the wrong size, and kept giving me different delivery dates. One email said it was their fault. So, the dress never arrived until after the ceremony. Two days before, I went and bought another dress for my granddaughter. I h ad to choose off the rack, and being the last minute, I had no time to shop around. The dress cost me 139.00. The one I had ordered costs 89.oo. I want a refund on my credit card, and I want the difference I had to pay for the new dress I had to purchase. I think this is only fair, since it was their fault.

I have copies of all their emails and mine, and this is really a fly by night outfit. They do not list their country of origin, and I only found out when the dress came, it came from China. Had I known this to begin with, I never would have ordered it. I asked several times where the company was located, and received no reply.

I hope you can help me with this, as it was a terrible experience for my whole family. This was a big occasion, and we just about did not have a dress for it.

Thank you.


  • Mi
    military bride May 31, 2009

    They are horrible, I had a bad experience with them also. They even sent me emails calling me liar. They charged me over $100 for a veil that was said to be an edward berger veil. They then stated after I complained that it was a replica. The replica looked nothing like the real thing. Its worth about $5 I could have done better with some tulle and a glue gun. The said veil...does not even have a comb on it!!! however they advertise it as the real thing! They are crooks! They will not do anything for me now...they always reply with a rude email in half broken english. I believe they are in china! The veils came EMS which was over seas and I could not read the location. I would dispute the credit card purchase and let them handle it. I disputed with paypal and they reported they cannot do anything about fake merchandise. But the credit card company can go after never got the dress! I reported them to the designer too!!!

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  • Je
    Jenny Jun 12, 2009

    I also was scammed. If only I had of read your comment before I bought my dress. Something needs to be done about these people. They are blatantly lying on their website!

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  • Je
    Jeffery P Jun 18, 2009

    I have a little complaint fors them also.
    I ordered a wedding dress from them also.
    It should be get the dress in 20 days. But I received it in 25 days. I was be told because the problems with the shipping company.
    But the dress is looks beautiful, the price is very reasonable. Anywhere, I get the rush fee back after I send a complain to them by email.

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  • Obviously whoever wrote that last statement is most likely connected with Top Bridal Dresses. I can tell by the bad grammar and the fact that they thought the dress was beautiful. Thankfully my credit card company was wonderful and credited my account, however, I did have pay $45 to ship it back. This is what a bridal boutique wrote on our behalf:

    After examining the dress you purchased online, promoted as the Maggie Sottero “Ireland”,

    I must agree with you, the dress is not a Maggie Sottero. The only similarity is the Cut, having an empire bodice and flowing Chiffon skirting.

    Our store has been an Approved designated Retailer of Maggie Sottero for over 15years. We pride ourselves in offering the top designers in bridal gowns.

    After comparing the purchased dress to our store sample gown of the “Ireland” we offer these comparisons:

    1. The beading on bodice is very skimpy, having only circles of long clear beads. The original Maggie has full Appliqué crystals and beads approximately Five inches wide in the center and tapers to Two inch designs completely encircling empire bodice front & back.

    2. The chiffon bodice has tacked in pleats that visibly show the thread tacks across bosom. The original Maggie pleating is tacked under the Beading and inside top of bodice for a smooth Chiffon soft pleat look.

    3. The Original Maggie back enclosure zipper has 25 small satin buttons with thin elastic button loops to conceal zipper.
    The purchased dress has huge buttons and satin loops that do not compare.

    I have photos of original and purchased dress on file, I will be glad to send copies if you need them.

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  • Fl
    Flowers Aug 18, 2009

    I requested pictures of Top Bridal Dresses work yesterday and this is what the sent. I wanted to order a Maggie Sottero VD9706 destination wedding dress from them but I have changed my mind. The quality of I did find a store In New York called RK Bridals who orders from the manufactors directly and their prices are great. I did check with the Maggie Sottero location in Colorado regarding RK Bridals and they are ligit.

    Please do your research before giving your money to some of these online wedding gown disbributors

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  • Br
    Brabara Sep 10, 2009

    I ordered a Maggie Sottero and WHAT A JOKE! I feel like a fool. Thank goodness my bank is logging a complaint and I will get my money back. I can't even read the writting on the package it came in to send it back!!! CHINA!!!

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  • Km
    KM Romano Sep 16, 2009

    I wish i had found this site before I ordered a flower dress for my daughter. The color satin is totally off and the return policy is terrible. I couldn't find anywhere on the website that says the dresses are replicas. I would have never ordered it. It is total misrepresentation.

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  • Ke
    Kellylaoo Sep 19, 2009

    I bought a dress from this website, the dress came two days later, but the size fits me well, I think I'm lucky!!!

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  • Tr
    Triming Sep 19, 2009

    I purchase 5 bidesmaid dresses from topbridaldress.
    They arrived on time and look wonderful.I enjoy working with them .

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  • La
    lag99 Oct 08, 2009

    Triming, I think you mean you enjoy working for them. The whole site is a total scam. Can't the real designers sue and get them off the internet? Probably not. There needs to be internet regulations. The lesson is if you want the real thing be prepared to pay the real price. It may still be made in China, but at least it will have some sort of quality assurance.

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  • Sa
    sabrianschools Oct 14, 2009

    Top Bridal along with their sister site Buyer100 (which also sells dresses) are ripoff sites. I called both numbers listed and got the same chinese accent answering machine. I find it very convienant that Top Bridal's call center located in Whitewater, WI and Buyer100 which is located in Eugene, OR have the exact same answering machine messages. These sites do not offer online support or phone support because they are scams. They do however like to put out many reviews on themselves that they are great sites, you can tell they are false because they don't know proper English grammer! Sorry to everyone who has been scammed!!

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  • Mc
    mchelleanne Oct 20, 2009

    well after reading what you all wrote I will not be ordering my dress from there. But weher can I find a reasonable priced dress?

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  • Lc
    Lcarlson124 Oct 26, 2009

    Ive had a horrible experience so far. i recieved a replica of the maggie sottero dress i ordered and it looks NOTHING like the picture, i foundout tooo late that the return is 50% they havent been responding to emails. such a magical time is being robbed from me!

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  • I have a wedding planning website and one of my pages lists good, reliable, online, wedding dress suppliers. You can find this page at

    I also ask all my readers to list wedding dress suppliers that I haven't listed and their experiences with them. I have had some very negative and then some very good comments about Top Bridal Dress. They are exactly like the comments here.

    The negative are clearly written by people with good command of the english language, the positive comments written by people with obvious NOT good command of the english language. I was starting to believe that the actual company was starting to "stuff" my comments, then I caught them red-handed. I traced their IP address on a posting where they said they were from New York, but their IP address put them in Beijing, China.

    I believe the best way to warn other brides, etc. about this site and company is to post as many of your complaints as possible. I invite all of you who have experienced ordering through this company (except for employees of Top Bridal Dress, don't bother I will trace your IP address and will not post your comment so don't waste your time).

    Just go to:

    Scroll down the page until you get to the submission form and tell your story (it's good to vent anyway!) If you ordered a dress you can also post a picture of your dissapointment.

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  • Gi
    Ginger02 Nov 26, 2009

    My sister purchased a dress there, altgough it was not as same as the original one, but it was presentable and the quality was not too bad.
    After reading all your comments, I think she is a lucky dog.

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  • Ta
    Tahani83 Jan 09, 2010

    Hi this is Tahani;
    now I am worry, becuose I ordered two, dresses from this websit,
    one of them is the bridal gown, and after I read your comment, I have been confusing, and the dresses suppose to arrive after 4 weeks, now I have nothing to do just waiting and will see.

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  • Ma
    marynil Jan 21, 2010

    My friend bought one wedding dress from them, I saw it on her wedding day, it is very beautiful, she said that's a replica, not the original, and the quality is good, after reading these, I don't think it is too bad.

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  • Al
    Alyana Perez Jan 25, 2010

    Wow, I am really starting to freak out now. I ordered a bridal gown from them, and my wedding is a couple months away, but I am afraid something bad will come out of it. I should've read the comments before ordering. I don't know what to do now...I'm sure they've started to make the dress, but I am worried it won't be a good experience. Should I just wait to see what happens???? Please offer some advice!

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  • As
    ashleyw Jan 27, 2010

    Oh no, I ordered a dress from TopBridal last week. I did email them prior to ordering to ask if the dresses are replicas or not and they said yes they are replicas. I went ahead and ordered anyway because the price was so low, I am willing to suck it up if it is not good quality. Hopefully it gets here on time and is worth it. If not, oh well my loss.

    Honestly though, I'm not sure why anyone at all would complain that it is a replica and not do your research before you lend out a credit card number. Like are you that naive in today's day and age that you trust a random website and then actually complain after that you got scammed?? Geez people there are tons of scammers out your research or be prepared to get scammed. Instead of wasting your time complaining, spend it wisely and know exactly what you are getting before you spend hard earned money.

    Price you pay for negligence. I don't know...seems simple to me.

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  • Ka
    Karen1972 Feb 07, 2010

    About an hour ago, I was ready to order a dress from Top Bridal Dresses. After reading all the negative stuff, I really do not know what to do now. I am now going to have a very long think!!!

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  • Di
    Dissapointed Mother Feb 10, 2010

    I ordered a dress for my daughter for an upcoming dance and though I was certain that due to the price I was receiving a knockoff, I expected it to at least look like the picture of the dress that I ordered - NO SUCH LUCK. The dress is sequined like the one that I ordered but the neckline is completely different. We will be keeping the dress because my daughter does like it, although not as much as the one that we actually ordered. The quality is fine, not great. My advise - DO NOT ORDER FROM TOPBRIDALDRESSES.COM

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  • Ch
    ChelleSchwartz Feb 11, 2010

    Im totally freaking out!!! I just ordered my dress from topbridal on Sunday! Now my wedding isnt until October but I was hoping this was going to be rather simple!! Ugh Im tired of the stress and now I fear its only just begun.

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  • Ls
    LSERRA Feb 28, 2010

    R-MINE! -STUDIO CITY 12242 Ventura Blv.
    I came to this store and bought a 3, 700 USD bridal gown.
    The girls were very nice because they wanted me to buy the dress. After I bought the dress, nothing was as they promised. The dress arrived 2 weeks later even though they promised that it would be on time. They never reimbursed me the shipping fee.
    They changed the rules about paying for the dress and they raced the alteration fees. Also, I had to go to the store + 4 times to have the dress altered because they would not change it as agreed and I lost a lot of my time.
    Finally, I asked them to do the train in a way that it took them 3 times and still I had to go to another alteration place event though I paid them 400 USD.

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  • Li
    Library Mar 28, 2010

    Any of you that was waiting for the order to arrive, did you get the dress?
    what was the quality then?

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  • An
    Angela Robin Apr 29, 2010

    I got my dress, it is fine except a little bigger, Topbridal refunded me $30.00 as modifying fee.

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  • Ju
    JUSTSUE May 07, 2010

    Hi there..

    First off I am not connected to the company or anyone who works there, I live in norwich england. I have an original maggie sottero which I obtained from america, I brought it too small optimistically thinking I would lose weight to get in it, wrong!! I simply cant afford another maggie dress, so yesterday I ordered a replica dress through top bridal dresses, up to yet they have answered all of my questions, got back to be straight away, they have been most curtious. I have gone into great detail of what I expect like decent quality underskirt so that the chiffon sits right and sara who my contact is has assured me she can do all of this. I have even asked her to send me an email with all my requests so that I know that she has a good idea what I want. up to yet I am very please with the quick response and curtious manner I have received.

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  • Ma
    maytoyeae Jun 18, 2010

    i went to this site by searching "buyer100", as i was planning to recommend buyer100 to everyone.
    I was very skeptical to order online especially without seeing the actual gown they will make for me. It only took them 1 month and a half to deliver the dress to me, evern though i choose 2-month delivery. It's a really nice dress, there are minor differences between the real dress (I happen to know it because I tried the real designer gown in a store) and the designer one but overall it's perfect for me. The fabric doesn't look cheap at all. I would highly recommend this website to brides-to-be who don't want to spend insane amount of money for a dress for one day and still want to look beautiful. By the way, just looking at the dress, no one can guess you paid 1/10 of the price and that it's not a designer gown.

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  • Ki
    kissilin Jun 23, 2010

    I ordered the dress 2 month ago, and i receive the dress 3 days ago.
    There are something different with the orginal, but the size is fit for me .
    then I can accept it as the price is so cheap.
    And i will wear it on my sister wedding days.
    It is luck for me to receive a beautiful dress.

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  • Li
    Lisa Maree Jun 23, 2010

    my friend has got a dress from them, it's fine. they make the dress, I love the price, I am going to buy a wedding dress.

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  • Al
    Alexcia Jun 25, 2010

    hi there. i know they make the copies, But i must say the quality is good, i love the price. top does a good job as i got beautiful iyems from them!


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  • Mi
    mich111ell Jul 22, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    does anyone know the address in china to sent back to. PLEASE!!!

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  • Sa
    sanfsl10 Jul 26, 2010

    I live in Wisconsin and find it rather off that the # provided is based out of Wisconsin. I am skeptical simply because they dont have FAQ's listed other than their return policy and you can never reach a live person via the # provided. The Maggie Sottero dress I want is listed for $463 when it sells for $1500 in stores. These dresses are probably being made by young children working in the factories.

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  • Dl
    Dljones Aug 10, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I bought a Maggie Sottero( or so i thought) has just arrived and its fit for dust has purple felt tip on it, the material is dark brown and NOT champagne...the beads have fallen off in the shoddy packaging it came in ...and to top it all off its at least 2 dress sizes smaller than i measured and ordered!It has ruined my wedding completely, dont know if i can get another dress in time now.have sent top bridal a very nasty e-mail and have demanded my credit card to be fully refunded.Doubt they will even reply to it.

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  • Ha
    Happywithmyorder Aug 25, 2010

    I ordered from Top Bridal and paid 10.00 to receive my dress within 30 days, I am happy to say that 3 weeks and 1 day later it was delivered to my door as promised. The dress was very nicely made. YES they are replicas, but you are NOT paying the price of the originals. I requested my dress be made in a color NOT available from the original manufacture, when I received it, it was exactly what I wanted.

    I have heard and read some of these horror stores, but I just wanted to let you know that not everyone has had a bad experence.

    Yes, they are located and manufactured in China
    Yes, they are shipped in a plastic bag and not a box.
    But NO, they aren't all bad...

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  • As
    Ashton_86 Sep 02, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    BEWARE! DON'T DO IT! I feel so bad! I recommended this site to one of my bridesmaids b/c it was so cheap! We should have known better!!! She said she got it in the mail and she said it looks horrible and way too long. Damn Chinese!! I don't know what we could do to get her money back. Any ideas?

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  • De
    devose Oct 04, 2010

    i ordered from them an alfred angelo. i was a little taken aback when i got it because it didnt quite match the picture however it did look beautiful on me so i quickly got over the fact that it was a replica .the skirt did not come out looking nice so i emailed them and they offered me a sizeable store credit that i was more than happy with. additionally they always answered my emails within 24hrs so i have to say i am pretty happy with them. as long as ppl know that their merchandise are replicas then u wont be disappointed

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  • Cy
    Cynthia Ciesiolka Oct 17, 2010

    I have just recently received my wedding dress from Top and it was excellent quality and just as pictured

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  • Sn
    Snez Nov 01, 2010

    I only got to see this after placing and paying for my order. The dress is $450 and hope and pray they send the right think cause I spent all my money in that dress. Will keep you informed.

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  • Na
    nara jackson Nov 03, 2010

    I have received a amazing dress from dresstimes,, i will recommend it to all of my friends. if you can not find a proper dress, go to dresstimes.

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  • Ra
    Rayan Nunes Nov 03, 2010

    the customer service on this sight is excellent. I had so many questions before ordering this dress and they were all answered by the live chat. It took some time to get all the answers, but it was the help i needed before making a purchase.

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