Tommee Tippee / defective feeding and steriliser set - not fit for purpose

United Kingdom

We bought the anti colic feeding and steam sterilizer set and we are having a lots of issues with the set:-

1) the sterilizer leaves an awful metallic smell on the bottles after each usage (even though we are following the instructions for cleaning.

2) Some of the bottles leaked no matter how well we screwed them.

3) We are also not happy that the bottles and teats have discoloured to a dirty cloudy yellowish brown colour for no apparent reason. We have tried replacing them, to no avail.

4) Teats gets blocked after sterilizing.

5) The teats pops in on itself as our baby suckles her milk, We have to always interrupt her feeding to bring out the teats, which upsets her and wakes her up when she is dozing off. Again we have tried replacing them, but the same thing happens over and over again.

6) All the measuring numbers on the side of the bottles have almost disappeared, so we cannot give correct measurement of feed to my baby. We now make feeds by guessing where we think the numbers should be. We should not have to do these as we only used the tommee tippee brush, so no heavy scrubbing involved.

We are deeply unhappy about our purchase and have gone to Mothercare to complain, they are not accepting responsibility and have asked us to contact Tommee Tippee.

We are well alarmed and dismayed at the multitudes of complaints about tommee tippee products, and the Customer Service Dept, which we have seen on your website. We hope we will not be part of the statistics.

We would appreciate someone getting in touch please using my email address or mobile number, thank you for your time.

Mrs Ziemann

Jun 12, 2019

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