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I have just started to bottle feed breast milk to my 6 week old in preparation for returning to work, and I tried the Tommee Tippee bottles as they were advertised as being "closer to nature." But looks can be deceiving. The nipple easily inverted, which caused a lot of "dribble" mess throughout the feeding. The flow was WAY too fast, which caused a lot of tummy aches for my little boy each feeding. And I found that the bottles leak at the collar quite often, causing yet another mess each feeding. I was very disappointed with this product and will never buy a Tommee Tippee again.


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      Jun 27, 2012

    first time mum, i bought a whole ranch of this brand before baby was due from bottles to bibs, first i ended up having to replace the bottles awful bottles never done what they said they did, then it was the breast pump started going funny after the fourth use and with it being plugged into the mains i wasn't taking any chances, by this stage i needed a new bottle warmer and bag as the new ones didn't fit, i was out alot of money on the brand never again i wouldn't even buy a cup from this ranch now, very unhappy

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