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I am daughter of a donor of 1lakh for Prana daana trust.My mother donated in remembrance of our beloved father who suddenly left us with a stroke in 2009. From past 5 years we are utilizing the donor passbook darshan.5 members were having darshan of lord balaji from our family once an year. When all of us could not make it at a time, we went 2 or 3 at atime and the number was marked in the book. Rest of us were allowed to have darshan another day.
Now after digitization of donor cell, we are told that even 1 member has darshan, quota for the year is closed, if we are not having it together.Due to this, my mother who is the actual donor, had to have darshan by free q line.She is a diabetic and we were worried to hear she had to make such a long line alone!

I want to ask you sir, how can 1 person's darshan equivalent to 5 person's darshan because of your digitization? What do you gain by not allowing seperate darshans for 5 members of donor passbook?What do you lose if you allow seperate darshan for donor passbook members?Your move to digitize passbooks should actually provide for such facility, as booking is happening online with each persons id proof is taken to mitigate any risk.Instead you are doing the reverse, depriving us of our privelege. I believe sir, that you will look into this matter and take the right step to help us have peaceful darshan of lord Balaji.

Thanks a ton for reading my complaint and Thanks in advance for the change you are going to make in the donor system.

Best wishes,
Ambica Nagarajan,

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