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My husband and I have been taking both of our cars to our local Tires Plus for a few years now because they're close and open on Sundays, which is very convenient. We took our 2000 Chevy Malibu for a routine oil change in early August. They also recommended a coolant system flush, and we went along with it. However, the next day my low coolant light came on and stayed on while I was on my way to work. Luckily I was almost there. I purchased coolant and added it. The light did not come on again on the drive home.

Two days later, it was on again. We took the car back to Tires Plus, where they claimed that the problem was caused by 'air in the line.' All was fine for another few days, then once again the low coolant light came on and stayed on. So back we went. This time, we were told that the low coolant light was malfunctioning and that there was plenty of coolant. My husband confirmed that the car was not in any danger of overheating. We were not charged for either of these rechecks.

Tires Plus estimated that the repair for the low coolant light would cost around $250. As we did not think we were in any danger, we decided to hold off a bit on that repair. They did not state that we needed to immediately get the problem taken care of. A week and a half later while on an interstate, the car overheated. Before I could even get it onto the shoulder, the car cut off completely. It was a very frightening experience. We had the car towed to the local Chevy dealership.

The dealership diagnosed the problem as a gasket leak and charged us $800 to fix it. Admittedly neither of us know much about cars. But we had no problems with the coolant system prior to Tires Plus flushing it. They told us that we were in no danger of overheating and obviously that was not the case. So either they did something, or they failed to catch something. My point is that I should not have had the car overheat and have to pay nearly $800.

I have gone back and forth several times with Customer Relations and the store manager, explaining this story repeatedly. I got no apology at first. When asked what I wanted, I told them that I wanted reimbursement for the cost of the repair at the dealership. Finally after speaking with HIS manager twice, the store manager apologized and offered me $100. I wasn't pleased with that amount, but was frankly sick of the back and forth and didn't have time for it.

Of course that was two weeks ago and I haven't seen anything. I'm now considering small claims court.

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    Told my wife to go home and gave her two free oil changes and told her to get her car and go?


  • Ja
    Jason Jun 11, 2008

    I think you should take these guys to small claims court. Im a junior in college at UF, and these guys came to campus of course under the name of Bridgestone Firestone Retail... So I see this little stubby guy and he says "hey we are offering an internship through our subsidary Tire Plus, it is a management internship". So Im thinking, management experience would look good on my resume right? Well wrong, I start working for these [email protected]#%rs and its not management at all it is sales!! They never told me anything about selling stuff to little old ladies. Basically you work in a store under a manager and with the rest of the sales team a car will come in for a $25 oil change, the service manager will find $1, 000 worth of crap wrong with a car, which more than half of the stuff is questionable, and throw the ticket at you with the write up and say "sell this". So basically I either have to walk up to that unsuspecting old lady in the lobby and try to sell her tons of crap she doesnt need i.e. brake flushes for cars with 25k miles on em, or call a customer out of the blue and sell them stuff. I cant wait till my "internship" is over, they are basically since their staff is full of uneducated ###s now coming to college campuses under the guise of "management internships" and trying to get people that speak well and can talk to higher end people to come on board to make more money off of their customers and employees. The recruiting staff is even full of a bunch of salespeople this place is the biggest scam if I ever saw one, and next year at the career fair, im going to tell people not to even talk to these guys because its sales not management.

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  • Valerie Oct 09, 2008

    I recently went to Tires Plus in Saint Cloud MN because my check engine light was on. After spending over $700.00, they told me the problem was fixed. The very next day, my light was on again. I brought it back, spent another $110 and again was reassured that the problem was fixed. Guess what? The light is on again. They have had my vehicle for over a week and still have not fixed the problem. They said that it is my fault for not maintaining my vehicle!!!

    I'm sorry but I'm paying you to fix my car, so fix it! Needless to say, I'm not giving them anymore of my money. Never go there for anything besides tires!!

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  • Rf
    rfavcro Jan 09, 2009

    I agree also we had or supposly had work done on our car and they sad it was fine but after having to take it to 2 other places and 350 dpllars more I will never go back to TIRES PLUS again .. People need to know about them and how thet treat customers and tell them that they have done the work when they really have not. We work hard for our monry and it is not fair or morley right for the to act this way

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  • Ab
    abe Feb 26, 2009

    I am amazed, I tske my car to Tires Plus in Mount Laurel, NJ and thay are always very professional and very helpfull. I compleatlly cut out the dealer ever since I met them

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  • Cr
    crissy Mar 19, 2009

    About 3 weeks ago, I dropped my car off at tires plus to get 4 new tires, a battery, and a new power steering pump. The manager called me later that day, with a $2100.00 list of things they saw wrong with my car. Not even 2 hours after getting my car back, the power steering pump was making noises. Since they were closed, I took the car back the following morning. The manager stated that they make a little noise when they are new.. OK, so I left, not knowing that I am dealing with ### at this point. A few more days pass, and My brakes are making noise (they charged me for new brake pads and rotors for the back brakes). I took it to Monro. They replaced my front brakes. When I picked the car up they said the back brakes that Tires Plus had done, were still making noise. The guy showed me the rotors on the back brakes, and told me it was obvious these are still the old ones. I immediately took my car back to Tires Plus. They "worked" on it and once again, I was on my way. The very next morning my brakes were making noise. I took it back. I confronted the manager, and demanded that the new brake pads and rotors that I had paid for weeks ago be put on my car. After waiting 1.5 hours, my car was finally ready. They assured me that everything was okay and that they even "upgraded" me to a better brake pad. NOT EVEN A DAY LATER, I was on the phone AGAIN, with the store manager. The brakes were making even more noise. The store manager told me he would reimburse me for the cost of the brakes ($299.56) and to stop by the store and he would give me the money. A few hours later I show up to the store and they dont have any money. The manager stated that he didnt know he owed me $300 and they don't carry that much cash. He said he would call me back, and never has!! When I spoke to him on the phone he said "take it to someone else and have them do your brakes". He was obviously annoyed. The manager at this location is rude. All I expected is what I HAD PAID FOR.

    I definately would NOT reccomend Tires Plus to anyone. My experience with them has been a nightmare!!!

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  • Ma
    Maguel Mar 19, 2009


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  • Ma
    Maguel Mar 19, 2009


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  • Ri
    riggs626 Jul 31, 2009

    I work for tires plus and you guys are right the salesguys up front all they see people as is a dollar sign on how to get the most out of you. there Labor rate is way too high and they make up the parts prices higher than any other shop. Do you think the techs in the back get any of that no it all goes to running these stores and paying the managers pay. They love to recommend coolant flushes every 20 or 30k but 99% of coolant is lifetime or 55k you have to watch them they will also price out expensive parts but when it comes time to get the part order the cheapest thing available

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  • Bi
    billf jones Feb 27, 2010

    Tires Plus is a BIG scam. I got RIPPED OFF in St. Joseph Mo. by store manager JACK BIDDING! He is the worst!

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  • Bi
    billf jones Feb 27, 2010

    never go there again!

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  • Ti
    T.I May 10, 2010

    Tires Plus is the best and all you guys sucks!!!

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  • Om
    omahaguy May 15, 2010

    I went to Tireplus to get one of my tire checked up since it was leaking air. They looked at it and told me that the nail is on the wall and cannot be fixed. So, I asked them to give me cheapest pair of tire. They sold me two tires for $225 dollars. After I return home I saw their add on the mail. They had a promotion of same size tire (different brand) for $52 per piece and when you buy 3 you get fourth one for free. They did not mention about it when I was in the store. I specifically asked them for cheapest tire available. Further, I talked to my buddy about this incident I came to know that the nail they said on the wall was not on the wall and since the tire I had was less than year old it should have been fixed, not replaced. Tireplus knows how to reap off innocent customers. This experience was with tire plus located at 5921 Ames Avenue Omaha NE.

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  • Re
    red dog Aug 05, 2010

    tires plus in Janesville, wi says they take appointments, but it does'nt matter it still takes an hour to an hour and a half to just rotate 4 tires. Crazy? yeup cause thats about 22 minutes a tire, 4 minutes per lug nut. I came home and did it myself in 20 minutes. I would let them take 45 to an hour but thats crazy. I had an appointment it should'nt take that long. so free rotation is not free.

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  • Gi
    gilles Deslauriers Jun 12, 2011

    This past wednesday i stoped at Tire Plus to get the oil changed in Largo, Fl, while they changed the oil they also started to rotate the tires, then the front employee came to me telling me that the brakes needed to be replaced.
    He took me to my car showing me the brake pads...which i didn't know much about them...I am 69 years old...
    He them gave me an estimate of $496.00 to the the work...I told him that i was to take my car to two other garage to get an estimate...that i wanted him to get the weels back on to let me go home...he tehn told me that i should not be driving my car with bad brake...i then insisted to get my car ready...he then came back to me 10 minutes later telling me that since i was a very nice man...he was to get the work done for $100 less...if I get the work done right away...I then told him that i wanted my car ready to go home...
    Then i saw my car with the weels back on...but they kept my car in the garage for another 10 minutes with nobody driving my car out of the garage...
    I then went to the manager telling that i had to go for other business and i wanted my car taken out of the garage...
    The front employe gave me my bill and was rude to me...
    Upon getting home my car door had been keys (scratch) two line at least 6 inches long...never again will i ever go back to TIRE PLUS...
    The next day i went to another garage who looked at my brakes...they told me that I had at least 40% left good on my brake pads wich he said was good for at least another 8, 000 miles...stay away from Tire Plus

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  • Ti
    Tires Plus are Criminals Aug 30, 2011

    I took my car in to Tires Plus on Spanish River Blvd Boca Raton 5/22/11 for a standard oil change and alignment. Nine days later, my oil warning light came on when I was driving down the highway. When I pulled over, oil was gushing out of the bottom of my car and covering the back trunk area. I had my car towed to another mechanic, Fred Iabone, to see what the issue was. When Fred lifted my car, he pointed out to me writing on the oil filter reading "I HATE TIRES PLUS 5/22/11 -Shyne." The mechanic also pointed out the engine mounts were loosened to finger tight and the oil cap was missing. His assumption was the mechanic at Tires Plus had left the cap on loose enough to fall off during travels. He also pointed out the the engine bolts could not be unscrewed accidentally, that they would have used a machine to loosen the bolts that much. My car has never required engine work and therefore the bolts did not require tampering with. I filed a police report immediately with the Boca Raton Police Department.. The mechanic Taryn Jamar Davis admitted to writing on the car because he was having a "bad day" and admitted to perhaps not tightening the plug sufficiently. He did not admit to tampering with the engine mount bolts. Contacted Tires Plus regarding incident in which they claim they are not responsible for any damage to the vehicle. After two independent mechanic reports, it was recommended my engine be replaced due to damage. Therefore, I have purchased a used engine for my 2006 Honda Civic amounting to $4082. Extra expenditures so far have included rental car fees, missed day of work, interest on my credit cards, and estimate costs. In the process of filing a lawsuit against Tires Plus for damages.

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  • To
    Toolipe Jun 28, 2012

    Bought tires at Tires Plus. They broke the two center caps on the right side of my car, both front and back. They ordered replacements twice, taking about a week each time. The center caps didn’t match my original center caps either time.

    They took the center caps off the left side without telling me and replaced them with the center caps they ordered, four instead of two underhandedly without talking to me. I was with the understanding that the right center caps would match the originals, not all of them changed out.

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  • 95
    95eclipsers Mar 08, 2013

    Sometimes center caps break, especially on older vehicles, and such being the case they are usually hard to find as well, and when they are found they typically take a long time to get. There's not much a mechanic can do about brittle weathered plastic. This is not uncommon. As for replacing your center caps, they may or may not have been trying to get away with anything. I would say after two weeks of a customer comlaining about getting hard-to-find center caps they were anxious to get said customer taken care of and down the road. Sometimes center caps are tricky things, depending on availability and location.

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  • Dc
    DC 67 Jul 20, 2013

    Don't take your car to Tires Plus .I had a punk technician test drive my classic mustang and he floored it on the highway also I heard him talking about it to the other co-workers when I went outside he is lucky I'm didn't beat his [email protected]# .

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  • Re
    Reviewer86531 Jan 31, 2016

    My kid had Tires Plus mount and balance 2 tires. Crooks charged $50 to do the work, must have been because it was Needless to say I will never go to them again. By the way I got a great deal on the tires from Ebay.

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  • Fo
    foo foo Feb 05, 2016

    After having tires put on my car at the local tires plus, I was requested via email to fill out a survey, which I did, subsequently my email has been spammed by everything from phishing scams for burial insurance to bogus home l o a n offers. I did blast them for their cabin air filter scam, where they try to charge you $30 for a $2 filter which really does not need changing .. ever. So I wonder if after a bad review they purposely give your email to spamers.

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  • De
    Denzel Summers Oct 21, 2018

    I took my 2001 Pontiac Firebird in to get a oil 7/8/17 change at 12pm it didn't get done until five. Around 12 o'clock am 7/8/17 while driving on the highway my car rattle then starter overheat and smoked and turned off on me. I got out to check it it was a trail of oil and oil was leaking from the engine .

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  • Jz
    JZ954 Sep 15, 2019

    Well it pretty easy to explain, the installer that installed 4 New Tires damaged three (3) of my rims with the drill uesed to remove the nuts on tire. Now my rims look like crap. Thanks Tires Plus!!! Great Job!! I will be contacting Bridgestone retail Operations.

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  • Au
    Audrey Booker Oct 20, 2019

    Overcharged for things like extra labor, the quote price kept changing. The car was not put back properly as parts were missing and things were out of place. It appears person who worked the vehicle didn't know what he was doing. Oil still dirty as if oil or filter wasn't changed. Chk eng and oil light still on. $1089 spent for shoddy service

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  • Wi
    William seutter Feb 02, 2020

    Went to get oil change and our car broke down on hwy! Went to check oil did not see any on the sip stick? So put two quarts oil in before I saw it in sip stick? Went back to tires Plus and the author was off! And told him had to put two quarts of oil in? He. Offered her two free oil changess! And told my wife had no oil pan and motor is junk!

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